Ninja  Blender

Ninja Blender

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I LOVE my Ninja!!! I use it all the time, baby food, homemade applesauce, soups, smoothies! You are only limited by your imagination!

I have a Ninja blender and I love it. I think it is a little over priced but a well made and useful kitchen tool.

Absolutely love my ninja. I use it severl times a day. The best investment ever made. Got all the attachments and keep a look out to see when they have more.

Forgot those other expensive blenders this is all you need. I purchased this through Ninja and got a bunch of extra goodies. This blends, chops, crushes, slices, mixes up all sorts of doughs for baking (hook attachment), and crushes ice amazingly. I use nothing else now. Smoothies, cookies, dips, sauces, whatever you want this makes. And did I mention makes perfect Margaritas!

Got this for christmas and love love love it. Makes amazing smoothies with frozen fruit and clean up is SO easy. We purchased ours at amazon and got a great deal. Compared to our five year old cuainart from our wedding, this one is a rockstar. Hoping to try out margaritas for our friends at.superbowl.

I got this blender for my son for Christmas. And wow have I enjoyed all his creations! The milk shakes are my favorite. It works like it says it will. It is very fast and powerful.

I love my ninja, it has taken the place of my blender and food processor and does better than both. It is amazing! I make and can homemade salsa with it and I was shocked at how well and quickly it mixes and chops all the ingredients. No need to shake it up or moce things around to make sure you get everything mixed.

Love this appliance. My 10 year old blender and my 13 year old food processor are both acting up, so I thought I'd replace them before they completely died on me. I bought the Ninja system that came with the 2 pitchers and extra accessories. I minced a one pound bag of baby carrots in 6 quick pulses. Half a head of celery in 3 pulses. I bought the system on a super sale at Costco, and it was way cheaper than replacing my other 2 appliances with decent versions, plus it takes up less space than the 2 appliances it replaced. VERY sharp blades, though!

Absolutely Love my Ninja!! The smallest size container is perfect for finely chopping fresh vegies and herbs. I also make fresh applesauce and store it in the fridge which the lid! Cuts down on clean up. The removable blades makes it so easy to clean. The best kitchen appliance I have ever purchased!

Best blender I have ever owned! I does everything it claims to. Clean up is so easy, and I don't have to worry about leaks like with traditional blenders!

We bought a set with a smaller and a larger containers for blending. We use it mostly because we make all of our son's baby food from scratch. We LOVE it!!! Only caution is that the blades are super sharp! Be Careful! They rip through ice (for my beautiful iced coffee drinks) like it's water!

I recently got this blender to replace a smaller personal blender that I used to make my protein shakes and smoothies. I really wanted something smaller, but on a trip to BJ's Warehouse, saw this particular model on sale and decided to give it a shot. How surprised was I when I tried it the first time and my smoothie contained NO chunks of fruit un-pulverized nor bits of protein powder still afloat??! It definitely DOES do what it claims and then some. It is fantastic for making sauces, soups, frozen drinks, desserts, etc. It made a killer spaghetti sauce, with nothing but fresh vegetables which added such a depth of flavor it confirmed that I'd made the right choice to choosing this machine over others. I'm completely satisfied and I would recommend that others give this a try, as well.

I purchased this blender for my daughters to make smoothies, They absolutely love it! It crushes the ice in second. Also great as a chopper ,ice cream,mixed drink,and so much more. I'm very happy with this product i would recommend this to anyone. Fabulous!

This blender does what it claims. I purchased on QVC and got the extra goodies with it, extra bowls, etc. This blender just totally blew my mind when it turned ice cubes into snow. I used that philosophy to turn frozen fruit into ice cream! It is unbelievable and very calorie conscious when you use just plain fruit and maybe a bit of Splenda. It chops, crushes, everything! The Multi-blade, Multi-level blades are the trick; nothing stays on the bottom of this blender for long. Love this and just can't say enough about it.