Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits

Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits

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My daughter enjoyed this snack during her teething times. And it's also a great snack to give her when she wanted some of my junk food. They are easy and mess free.

My daughter doesn't really like them. They stick to her tongue and make her gag. I ended up eating them.

These seem like a great idea, but my son was not a huge fan. He'll eat about half of one with a gooey mess and then decide that he is done. We generally stick to Puffs because he'll eat those down in a heartbeat. I know that other parents have had great success with these and have nothing against the product itself, my son just isn't a huge fan.

My baby has loved these from an early age. As soon as she was introduced to rice cereal, she got these, because she was very interested in what was going on at the table and i felt like she wanted to participate. Now that she is 8 months old she still loves them and they are perfect for a little snack on the go if I am out to lunch with a friend and she wants to eat while we are eating. It occupies her and helps her learn to chew. I like that they dissolve though so there is no real choking hazard even though we have been scared by the gag reflex. I break pieces off for her.

My daughter loved these! We gave these out for her thank-you gifts for her first birthday to her baby friends!

These are pretty great little snack crackers except my kids were very enthusiastic chewers and would break too big of pieces off, and because of the shape of the cracker they would get stuck on the top of their mouth. Once we got past this issue they loved them!

My favorite baby snack! So easy for my baby to grab and less likely to drop. They are a bit messy once in their mouths but it dissolves nicely. I'd pick these over others for the very first "snack". I just wish they were organic.. but otherwise the perfect snack. Bring wipes for little ones hands and face for these.

These are great for when baby is teething. The texture is perfect because it is a little scratchy but dissolves very easily so baby can swallow

Great for little ones who also wants a snack to hold - just like their older siblings! It's so good that even my older kids sneak a bite too!

with no teeth my baby found then hard to gum! there wasn;t much flavor for her so she wouldn't eat a whole package so the other would go bad!

To be honest I have never seen these in the stores, I could be over looking them, we usly get the puffs and the small cheetos forms they have came out with, Would like to try these with my 8 month old

I don't particularly like these but my daughter loves them. I didn't think she would eat them at first. They are one of her favorite snacks

Mum Mums were one of my daughter's favorite snacks. Both my kids had MSPI and finding baby snacks that were soy and dairy free was difficult. They were also nice when she was ready to move beyond little puffs. She could hold these and take "bites".

These are a good introduction to finger foods for teething babies. The only things I don't like about them are that they are pretty messy, they break easily (choking worries), and they don't taste very good so my kids would never actually eat them.

Both my child and I liked these!! Easy to take with you and they last longer than other snacks so I am not constantly having to give baby more :)