Hasbro Candy Land

Hasbro Candy Land

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Loved playing this game as a child and love the fact that both my kids played this as well. We love family game night and have it every weekend.

A perennial favorite first game. I do miss the old graphics but can't wait until my grandson is old enough to really play it. I can't eat a gumdrop without thinking of Candyland. A fun way to reinforce colors, and numbers (we counted the squares we moved)

I loved this as a child! I can't wait until my son is old enough to play with this.

I loved playing Candy Land with my kids & now my middle grandchild has just learned to play it & loves playing a game like the big kids. My oldest grandaughter has moved up in games since she can read now, but she'll play with her brother so she can teach him how to play. My youngest grandaughter is almost ready for it, so I have a few more years to enjoy playing. They have so much fun with it & practice counting & recognizing colors. A game that makes learning fun & has lasted this long is a great game.

My sons first boars game!! They love it, my husband not so much lol. But its a great way for toddlers to learn colors. Definitely a plus on fun and learning!!!

Classic simple fun game. Great first board game for young kids.

I always loved playing this game when I was a kid. I was sad when they changed some of the stuff to give the game a "new" look. I loved that it seemed like a vintage game! It's still a great game for children of course, it's easy for them to understand the game concept, and the fact that you draw cards to land on colors makes it a great starter game.

Great game for little kids. I played this all the time as a kid and now my son and I play it. Easy and fun game for little ones to play.

I remember Candy Land from when I was a kid, and now my kids both love it! The game is great for reinforcing their learning experience--with numbers and colors. But, the colorful layout and entertaining elements of the game just make it a lot of fun!

This game is great for small children. It shows children how to follow rules at an early age. Easy for children to learn. Also show kids there colors.

I have so much fun playing this great game with the kids. It is easy for everyone to play and the kids love it! Grandpa even played and the kids did a great job reviewing their colors as we played.

This is the best game ever.

Such a fun game to teach kids rules and taking turns. I remember playing this as a kid and now play it with my daughter. Come to think of it, I think my son is now old enough to play as well.

I loved this game as a child and now my children do as well. It is a good game for the little ones to because it teaches colors and counting as well.

Best toddler game, you have to buy this, it's easy for them to understand and fun!