Scotch-Brite Scrub Sponges

Scotch-Brite Scrub Sponges

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I use scotch brite sponges every day for cleaning my dishes. They are great for scrubbing food off pots and dishes. I also use them to clean my stove glass top. I have tried other brands but have not found to be as effective in cleaning as scotch brite sponges.

I love to use these for washing dishes. They clean very well and last long.

although, i do like this product, i have found that the no thrills brand works the same.

Long lasting, durable, and reasonably priced.

These sponges work great. The scratchy side gets stuck on messes off with ease. What more can you say about a sponge? I recommend.

I have no complaints about this product we always have scoth brite in our house .It`s an excellent cleaning tool a must have< works really good! I think everyone feels the same way.

Very long lasting products. I used to buy the cheapest possible sponges from 99 cents store but once I tried those, I knew they are worth every extra penny.

I like this product, I will recommend it to everyone. Great for getting off food.

There is not a replacement for scotch brite sponges. Try buying an off brand, and you will need another new sponge in a matter of days. These are durable and a great size. I have a stash under my kitchen sink so I am never forced to use an "imposter" !

My husband tried to save money and buy the generic brand but it fell apart and didn't last very long at all. No more cheap immitations.

These are great sponges. Cheap enough, that when they are used you don't feel bad about throwing them away. Made well so the hold up to get baked food off when washing dishes. I would recomend these to anyone.

These are the only sponges we use in our house. Great for getting off baked-on food. We have them in our bathroom for cleaning as well. Other brands just don't compare.

My favorite sponges! Wouldn't be without them. In fact, we always keep a few extra packages as back-ups so we never run out.

We always have one of these next to our sink. Great for getting off cooked-on food from pans and casserole dishes.