Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes

Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes

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I love these wipes! I use them all the time! Great for a fresh, clean feeling!

These are i every bathroom in my house. They leave you feeling so clean and are soft and nonirritating.

I love these wipes as an adult who wants extra feminine cleaning. The toilet paper I use is 3-ply but that can be irritating after a while. There is a light (barely noticeable) scent and the wipes stay moist in the package and box container. I wouldn't be without them.

Great to have when you need or just want to feel fresh afterwards.

After trying these at my mothers house; she buys these for when my brother visits who's very sick, I became hooked. These are the greatest things besides toilet paper. My toilet paper is 3 ply and sometimes they irritate me so I use these. They have a light scent and I feel more sanitized then just using toilet paper. And they don't dry out in the container like Charmin's new container does. Always make sure I have an extra container under my vanity.

I like this product a lot but the price is kind of too much for me right now but overall great product

So fresh and so clean clean!

Best wipes! I really like Cottonelle wipes, we have been using them for years and like how clean we feel.

easy to use, strong and work great. would like it if container was more low key and more designer looking

Strong yet gentle. Nice when you just need a little extra gentle help getting clean. These wipes are gentle yet do not fall apart in your hands, so they have a nice balance. The scent is pleasant and very mild. The ones I buy at Costco have a little snap top that keeps the wipes moist and fresh from first until last.

I have the kids use these when they go to the bathroom. This ensures that they get a little cleaner with just plain toilet paper.

Good product. It doesn't irritate the skin. Gets the job done;)

Nice for that extra cleansing you might need. not overly wet. light fragrance

Classic clean product for cleaning babies and children alike. Only problem is they seem to dry out quicker than one would like even if sealed.

I love these wipes. I have a teenage autistic son and he has been using this all of his life. He chaffes and these work really well for him. Their a little more pricey than the Unnamed brands, but they are easier on the skin.