Shedd's Spread Country Crock

Shedd's Spread Country Crock

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I grew up eating Country Crock and it is my favorite! My husband will only eat real butter but I don't like the taste so I always keep a small tub in the fridge. It spreads and melts easily and is delicious!

Love this butter! I haven't bought it forever but it makes everything delicious

Country Crock spread is so delicious. I use it in my cooking all the time.

The only time I'll buy butter is when I'm making butter cookies or baking some kind of dessert that only calls for butter. I have tried on occasion other margargine spreads but I have always come back to Shedd's Spread Country Crock. I have been using this for so many years and don't want to change. Country Crock is a great alternative to butter; less fat and calories and it has a rich, creamy, sweet taste. I can take it right out of the refrig. and spread it on my bread without breaking the bread apart. If you don't want to use butter definately buy Country Crock.

We have been using this in my family for as long as I can remember. I used it as a kid and now my husband and I use it as well. It is easy to spread and it always has a good taste that everyone enjoys. I don't think any other margarine will ever be able to replace Country Crock.

#1 margarine for our family. I purchase calcium. Hubby likes orginal.

This is the only margarine I buy, This is our everyday spread and we use it for cooking as well. I still use BUTTER for baking only because I don't want to risk it! Very creamy.

I buy only this brand I love it

Country Crook is so easy to spread.It the only margarine I buy for my family.

Before marrying and moving in with my husband I was a real butter type of girl! Now however country crock has defiantly changed my mind. I like how creamy it is. It spreads easily on toast or regular bread. The taste is amazing as well. An I must say that the large size tub it comes in really lasts longer than normal sticks and packages of butter.

The only butter we use at home. Very easy to use and spread even straight out of fridge.

This is the only kind we buy around here. Nice and creamy and easily spreadable on toast.

I love this butter its usually the only kind I buy. Its creamy and easy to spread.

Great price. One big tub usually lasts me a month or two. Great taste and very spreadable, good for everything, even baking.

This is the ONLY margarine my family uses. It has a great taste I have tried other spreads but nothing come close.