Matrix Biolage Aqua-immersion Creme Masque

Matrix Biolage Aqua-immersion Creme Masque

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This smelled wonderful and made my hair smooth and silky, but not weighed down, limp or lifeless. Love it!

The masque was not too sticky and rinsed out quickly. I loved the scent but I will have to try it more in the coming months to see how it helps my hair in the long-term.

Now that our pool is open for the summer, I have been swimming several times a week. I tried the creme masque after using the shampoo after swimming one morning, and found that it really hydrated my hair and kept it smooth with body instead of dried-out and limp. It works in so easily to my thick hair and works itself all the way through it. It also smells great, and rinses off easily without leaving slime or soap. I've been using the shampoo/creme masque combo ever since, especially after swimming, and my hair feels and looks the best it's looked after taking in a lot of chlorine every day. I'm glad I got to be a tester!

This product not only smells great it works extremely well. It makes my hair feel soft, full and hydrated!

No frizzies this morning especially with the high humidity! Let's see how it goes through the summer! Smells great!

I have long hair and I had to use probably a little more than most, but it goes a long way so I see this little tub lasting a while. So far since my hair has been cut I only use this once a week, but as summer takes it toll alongside my dryer and iron I will prob up usage to twice a week. Great product!

Seriously the best conditioning masque I have ever used. It made my hair feel light and not weighed down. I have a lot of hair and it is frizzy and the conditioner makes me be able to manage my hair and have less frizz. Thanks shespeaks!

Amazing! Great on dry, straight hair! Smells great too!

i love this since it compliments my hair. it smells good and left my hair shiny!

Made my hair feel silky smooth. Love it! It smells AMAZING!

The product is a bit heavy and takes most of the curl out of my naturally curly hair but it does leave is sleek and smooth and without knots! When I straighten my hair, it looks shiny and lacks frizz. I like the fragrance also.

I have never had a deep conditioning treatment before. I have to say I love the shine my hair has, without being greasy. It did not compromise the body or the flow either. I love this product and plan on using it. Thank you

My hair is typically dry. When I visited the LV's Hair Studio in Elkridge MD for the Kiss Dry Goodbye program, I was skeptical that any product would help with my hair dryness. This is where I was first introduced to the Matrix Biolage Aqua Immersion Creme Masque. They set the product in my hair and let it sit for a while. The fragrance of the masque was delicious - very natural. After my rinse and a blow dry, my hair was no longer dry but smooth and silky. A week later it is still smooth and silky. So now I'm hooked. This product will be a permanent fixture in my styling collection. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants healthy looking and feeling hair.

My hair has never been smoother!!! I love it!

The masque was great! I really loved the smell, and it made my hair softer than any conditioner ever has. The only problem that I had was that I do not like the container it comes in. When I shower, I prefer squeeze bottles, as the screw top one slipped in my hands a bit. I would certainly buy this product again.