ThermaCare HeatWraps

ThermaCare HeatWraps

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I love Thermacare Heat wraps they are great for cramps and back pain,

These didn't work for me. The heat was hot enough to make any difference.

Luckily I don't have bad cramps now that I am on a new birth control. At one time though, I had such horrible cramps that I often was doubled over in my bed the first day of my period, missing school and other obligations. Midol and other medicines were no match to how extreme my cramps were. When I first saw these at the store, I thought I didn't have much to lose in trying them. I was pleasantly surprised. They did not get as hot as a normal heating pad, and instead had a steady constant heat that relaxed my muscles instead of burning my skin. They are also thin enough to fit under clothing, however I often found that the adhesive didn't stick well to certain fabrics which could have been embarassing if the thermacare fell out in public. Other than they, these helped me tremendously and I recommended them to my mom when she had shoulder pain; she found them just as great.

I love using these with my scoliosis on my back and neck and when pms cramps hit they are great! A little expensive and they never stay stuck. If it wasn't for that they would get 5 stars.

These are great! I especially love the ones for menstrual cramps for that time of the month. They stay warm for a long period of time and really seem to help ease the pain.

I didn't love this product. It was hard to remove.

We got these for my husband as he has a sore back at times. They work like a charm, heating the area up and making the muscles relax.

Love these! Do the 3 day breast cancer walk every year and always make sure to pack some.

I love these things on my back! I am pregnant at this time, but when I go through my cycle, these are near about as good as a massage. i love the heat.

The Thermacare heat wraps work miracles. I can't tell you how great they are when I travel. Love them and would highly recommend anyone with pain to try them.

These work great when I have lower back pain due to PMS. Highly recommend!

My husband and I both love these for our aches after being out working in the yard all day. I also have chronic lower back pain and these really help.

I absolutely love this product. Its great when you're on the go and can't be tied down to a heating pad. It works great on muscle aches and pains and on cramps.

This is my go to when I have any type of muscle/nerve pain issues! They are great for lower back issues or for when you sleep on your neck wrong. The heats last for several hours and the pads are slim enough to wear under clothing without notice.

My girls and I really appreciate having these "heat pads" when we have monthly issues. They work really well. The only problem we found was that the heat pad sometimes moves around. The heat does last almost 8 hours, which is great!