Hormel Compleats Kids Spaghetti & Meatballs

Hormel Compleats Kids Spaghetti & Meatballs

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My kids actually do not like these at all. Thought they would be okay for those need a quick meal but when I made them they spit them right out of their mouths.

ii have a picky eater and she loves these as a mom you work so hard to find something your kids will agree to eat and i have tried these and they are good now i see why she loves them .

my kids love these

Have gotten this for my grandchildren, they all seem to be pleased with it. Would not feed them a processed meal every day, but comes in handy for a quick meal when they are "starving" and can't wait. They also like the kids ones with the stickers!

I have purchased a couple of these for my child and she has given it a thumbs down. I was told that it didn't have much flavor. Unless we have a coupon, I'm not sure if we'll purchase this again.

My stepson tried this and he said it was nasty. Like eating warm mud. I also tried it and I also did not like it. I would rather eat prison food. It was gooy and did not taste like spaghetti and meat balls. It even made my blood pressure rise to high.

I, personally, do not like these. They don't taste good to me.

I personally have not had it but my 13 year old seems to really like them especially since he can cook them on his own without anyones help

I don't care for meals like this but my kids loved this one. This is my youngest favorite by far and he always asks for spaghetti and meatballs tray, i know this is what he is talking about.

I tried this for my son and was a bit hesitant. The sodium content seems high, even for adults. But, my son really liked it so we will have this on backup in case we are in a hurry!

Very tasty and very handy for a hungry kid and no time to cook!

Do not taste good at all. Would not recommend these to anyone.

I actually caved into a coupon for this and at first i thought it was my nephew being a picky eater. Surprisingly it has a weird taste for such a pretty picture (but when hasn't a pretty picture told a lie?) I'm not saying it'll suck for everyone, but a good percent. I took a bite and all I thought was 'YUCK!' it tastes like a generic brand! I have tried other Iormel meals and actually liked them. I'm sorry to say this is a total thumbs downs (for me at least.)

Great to take to work for a quick lunch. Yummy too.

I don't have kids, but purchased a couple of these with hopes of something quick for lunch. The taste was terrible and the product contains so much sodium it's a terrible choice for adults or children.