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  • BlueJacketsGirl By  BlueJacketsGirl    

    I always have a bottle of this in my house and add it to almost everything

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  • JosieJadore By  JosieJadore    

    I LOVE this sauce so much! It tastes good on everything-except ice cream! I love that I can jazz up almost any meal with this!

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  • sumopal By  sumopal    

    This is a great sauce you can use to spice up anything. I use it to spice up soups, spaghetti and marinades:)

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  • aholt27 By  aholt27    

    One of the best hot sauces there is! Thick, and great flavor

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  • zzayed2 By  zzayed2    

    This is a must, my friend got me hooked on this, and I pour it on rice, beans, everything!

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  • pinkstar88 By  pinkstar88    

    This is always in my fridge. I dont use it that much but my boyfriend puts it on everything, even pizza. As far as hot sauces go this is one of the best.

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  • bubbymama09 By  bubbymama09    

    This is a favorite of mine & is always on hand! A little bit goes a long way, but it gives your food such a great flavor.

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  • CurvyMeli By  CurvyMeli    

    I add this sauce to EVERYTHING I cook. It is quite hot, but when mixed into my recipes leaves a full, chile flavor without burning anyone's mouth.

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  • Fruitloopz By  Fruitloopz    

    So glad I discovered this! And do you know my kids love it too? Has a wonderful flavor unlike some other hot sauces. I made some "Buffalo Chicken Bites" (Pillsbury) just the other night and it really brightened the whole dish. Best of all the price is amazing!!

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  • sparklyglittereve By  sparklyglittereve    

    I love this sauce on everything! It is delicious!!!

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  • drspaceman By  drspaceman    

    ahhh. Sriracha changed my life. I add this to almost everything I eat. I'd eat it with cereal if it tasted good, but joking aside, It's delicious and makes most dishes takes better.

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  • ohhhAkitty By  ohhhAkitty    

    Mmmmm this is delicious! I know some people who think its too hot,but i eat it with every thing! Its so addicting! I love that its not runny like most hot sauce,it stays where you place it and doesnt drip all over the place.

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  • begemot By  begemot    

    Great hot sauce! It is very versatile and can be used with all sort of food, but it goes especially well with meat (even better with Korean or Chinese food).

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  • TheHarriedMom By  TheHarriedMom    

    Adds lots of heat and kick to your food.

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  • Argentugal By  Argentugal    

    love it. this is the only hot sauces i love. I eat it with almost everything. I eat it some much that my husband says that i have to cut it down or my liver is going to explode. I love it

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