Parents Choice Hypoallergenic Fragrance Free Baby Wipes

Parents Choice Hypoallergenic Fragrance Free Baby Wipes

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This wipes are the only wipes my son will use and they are cheaper.

great value for a good product.

Like as well. They are sturdy and save you money

Wipes work great and a good value for your money!!

As a daycare provider and a foster parent. I use a lot of wipes. I also always need to be cautious about allergies and such and found these wipes work great. Although these may not be super soft, or come in a desiner package but they get the job done. And are very affordable.

Love these....never had any problem til now

as a one income family I tried a lot of generic brands and found that as far as wipes go this brand worked sister also used these on her daughter who got rashes a lot... they are thick and work well

Love these wipes,,, good price for the money and with a two year old and a set of 7 month old twins, I keep a pack in the diaper bag and use them for EVERYTHING! :) Very easy to use, thick and get most anything off upholstery, little faces, hands and hineys :))

This is one of the few wipe that doesn't break my babies out from allergic reactions, the problem I have is they are not more cloth-like and it takes a few more to wipes of the yucky.

Wipes work fine and a value price

I use these for my son who is very very sensitive to most everything and they work great for us no breakout or irritation at all. I can use them on his face too they are soft and yet strong enough that i dont have to worry about an accidental mess while cleaning him up.

I liked these wipes. Kinda surprised at the bad reviews. They were soft and just wet enough to tackle all the messes my daughter made. I Will purchase again and I know my friends choose these wipes also.

I don't know if it's the package i got, but they weren't too moist and felt more like dryer sheets than baby wipes.

I actually really liked these wipes. Both of my kids are fairly sensitive and these wipes work great for us and they are much cheaper. The only thing I don't like is that that are thin like a regular Pampers wipe, so they are great for non-messy diapers but take a few extra for the messy ones vs. a thicker wipe like Huggies.

I Hated these wipes. I originally picked them to save a few bucks at the store since I have two children in diapers I thought this was a great idea and a great value. My son started to break out in a rash shortly after buying these and it never occured to me the wipes could be the cause. I changed diapers and tried every single diaper cream I could find i tried baby powder and even anti fungul powder and noe budge that rash looked even worse when I left it alone... Finally I resorted to training pants for a not even potty trained boy and still the rash was horrible after two days. (i was still using the wipes to clean him though. then my husband came up with the thought of didnt we switch wipes recently?Yes we did, after two days of stopping use these the horrble rash is gone.Never again and i would never suggest these wipes to anyone.