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  • haleybrooke By  haleybrooke    

    Goes on very smooth, light and natural looking. Its very nice!

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  • krystalll11 By  krystalll11    

    i love this one. i can make it a lighter coverage if i need to by mixing it with my face lotion. or by using it all alone, for fuller coverage. it blends so easy.

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  • crazybeautifulmakeup By  crazybeautifulmakeup    

    This is a must have foundation, with such a wide color range. When I first started doing makeup I filled my kit with these and actually still use these on occasion. I love the range of color and it is great for all skin types!

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  • rnmnrdw By  rnmnrdw    

    I love this makeup blends great on my kin it really is a true match. It hides all my imperfections so well.

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  • gghosh50 By  gghosh50    

    Love this foundation! It blends very well into my skin. I'm the shade Natural Buff in this foundation, and it literally matches my skin perfectly. The best match I have found for myself!

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  • MissRubyRoux By  MissRubyRoux    

    I love this foundation but it can look a little cakey. It blends in alright but not enough. I have tried 3 different tones to find my right match but I ended up with Ivory cause that was the nearest one that didn't look too cakey. All the fairtone colors seem to have a subtle yellow tone that make it look cakey on my skin. It's a nice foundation nevertheless.

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  • msbluestone13 By  msbluestone13    

    I like all the color choices but it was a little too thin for my needs..I dont use a ton of makeup but what I like is something that I can biuld if necessary for some areas of my face (an auto accident :-/ ) too bad its not a little more buildable and maybe has a bit more staying power.

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  • jakki_edwards By  jakki_edwards    

    it is pretty good, but i do find it getting a little cakey if you apply too much to a certain area.

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  • Paisleygirl By  Paisleygirl    

    I don't usually wear liquid foundation because it always seems so cakey but this one is different a little goes along way.

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  • Synistrugane By  Synistrugane    

    This is by far my favorite foundation ever!!! It stays true to your color it stays all day and there's so many shades. I love how it makes my face look and feel flawless. It's full coverage with the feeling of your own skin! I love and it and ladies go get it it's amazing!!!!

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  • rae3130 By  rae3130    

    I used this product for a long time because i have trouble finding a foundation to match my fair skin complexion. I reall enjoy how light this foundation is and how it blends very easily. It doesn't have the regular smell of a foundation which i like.

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  • Paxygirl By  Paxygirl    

    I have 20+ different foundations in my bathroom, I am always on the hunt for the perfect one. I have to say that this is the best even better then many pricey foundations I tried. I just used this makeup for a photoshoot for my new profile pic. Even I was surprised at how good my skin looks. It looks so natural, my freckles show through and my skin looks young. I just turned 57 and I think my skin looks pretty good. Even my daughter remarked at how natural my skin looks and asked if I had makeup on! She took the picture! Look at my profile pic and see for yourself!.

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  • BronzedSouthernBeauty By  BronzedSouthernBeauty    

    LOVE this foundation! I have the hardest skin to match and absolutely love how the true match line of loreal has so many different shades and undertones to choose from! This has great coverage! It is gentle enough to not break out my skin, and it lasts for an exceptionally long time. I have ridiculously oily skin so it didn't last all day but with a setting powder it does last for the majority of the day without touch ups

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  • noelrocs By  noelrocs    

    The finish is really nice and the colors are very realistic, but it's a little too thin for my needs. I like something a little more "buildable." I don't wear my makeup heavy, but I don't like something finishes like a tinted moisturizer, either. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a tinted moisturizer-look. It's a great product, but I only like to use it on occasion.

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  • sarasponda By  sarasponda    

    I've tried all brands of foundations in my quest to find the perfect one... with this said, in my book, Loreal True Match liquid foundation could give bigger name brands a run for their money. For the price, this can't be beat.

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