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  • Lizzifer By  Lizzifer    

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! My clothes smell amazing for a long time after using this fabric softener, and they feel great too! price is a little high but honestly, I couldn't care less. It's worth it.

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  • Charlisha222 By  Charlisha222    

    The best fabric softener ever. I love Downy. It's unbeatable.

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  • Megahottie By  Megahottie    

    Don't really see all the hype about this product.

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  • TheWhitePegasus By  TheWhitePegasus    

    This smells nice and makes my clothes feel very soft!

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  • Tiarasandtantrums By  Tiarasandtantrums    

    My favorite - no matter what - I always come back to Downey - my kids won't let me purchase any thing else any longer

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  • AlainaB By  AlainaB    

    I've tried a lot of fabric softeners and always come back to Downy. It has a wonderfully fresh smell and makes our clothes and sheets so soft and cuddly!

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  • mintmom By  mintmom    

    Downy is the only fabric softener I use. I love the smell and how soft it makes my clothing items. I use it on the fleece blankets that I've make for my family and it makes them super soft and extra cuddly.

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  • Sfraser76 By  Sfraser76    

    smells so good

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    Best hands down.

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  • deedoesmakeup By  deedoesmakeup    

    Downey is wonderful.It keeps your clothes so soft & keeps them smelling amazing.

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  • conpeps By  conpeps    

    I love Downy makes clothes soft and smell sooooooo!! Good!

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  • Shonna1782 By  Shonna1782    

    My favorite liquid fabric softener of all time! It has to be the pink cap kind though and I buy it in bulk. I love how my clothes smell and how soft they are all the time. My dog loves the smell of it too. He has found the dryer vent outside and will roll underneath it whenever I dry clothes that I've used this softener on. It is hilarious! So it is dog approved too.

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  • chrissherman By  chrissherman    

    My favorite. The scent lasts and clothes are always soft. I have also tried other brands, and always come back to my pink lid Downy :)

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  • megmar By  megmar    

    Have used Downy almost my whole life! Tried others but only once each - I always go back to Downy!

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  • MissB22 By  MissB22    

    I have nothing bad to say about Downy.

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