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  • craftymama3 By  craftymama3    

    My son loves this dog! I love how you can customize it on the computer, and personalize it to say your child's name and favorite things. It's a great toy, and it is good quality too.

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  • bethlucile By  bethlucile    

    my son got 2 of these for his first birthday lol. I liked it the only thing im not sure how to clean it and we have had it for a year now and it could use a cleaning but its a cute toy. it was my sons favorite for a wile.

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  • MasterofMom By  MasterofMom    

    This is one of my "must-have" toddler toys. My son gets a great kick out of the fact that it knows his name, and I love that it is an educational toy. He and "Scout" are constantly doing things together, and I get to hear his creative little imagination tell me all about their adventures. The only problem is that I can't let him take it outside for fear that it would get too dirty and I'd never be able to throw it in the wash!

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  • maekeys By  maekeys    

    i love educational toys such as this one a child can be educated why he or she plays. what a great idea.

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  • jklajda3 By  jklajda3    

    Bought this for my two year old son, he loved it! My one year old loved it so much I had to buy her the violet! Great toy, plays music, says the kids names, and plays lullaby songs to put kids to sleep!

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  • Junebug505 By  Junebug505    

    My daughter did not grow up with one of these, but my friends son has one and he just loves it. Keeps him busy for hours.

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  • flyjarswife By  flyjarswife    

    one of my kids favorite toys. You can personalize it too!

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  • bperno By  bperno    

    This is a fantastic toy! My son loves his Scout! You can customize it to say your child's name, favorite color and food. There are good music choices and it is just a great toy!

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  • Paxygirl By  Paxygirl    

    Great toy, can be customized to say things your child enjoys, overall easy to set up and no issues. But, my daughter wasn't very interested. Maybe have a bilingual alternative, we mainly speak Spanish at home so being able to set up Scout to speak Spanish would be wonderful!

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  • Dampiera By  Dampiera    

    Such a great toy! My son has outgrown Scout, but he still won't let me pass him along to someone else. A great buy!

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  • rmccoy1234 By  rmccoy1234    

    We have been fans of Leapfrog for years, and love Scout and Violet. My daughter takes him everywhere

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  • Kaylamandis By  Kaylamandis    

    This was the best garage sale find ever! Scout is my son's best friend. We love that Scout is personalizeable. He keeps my LO company and they sing songs, count, guess animals, etc together. I buy this as gifts for other children as my son really does love this toy. I like that we can change the songs and information as LO grows and the seasons change. This toy is worth even full price! Very good toy.

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  • Oksana2 By  Oksana2    

    I Love this learning toy, I think my kids are basically into toys that can teach them things, and this one is popular in out house!

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  • Destinystyle2317 By  Destinystyle2317    

    love that my baby boys can learn from this

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  • kjc2001 By  kjc2001    

    Great product, great brand!! She loves when it says her name!! Tons of songs and interaction!

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