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  • butterflynda By  butterflynda    

    This formula is less of an expense, and also has everything that the other formulas have, nutrition wise. The toddler version also helps to suppliment nutrients still needed for a growing baby, Ours only gets about 16 oz. per day and that is only supplimenting the foods, juice, and water being ingested.

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  • tufftiff By  tufftiff    

    yes yes yes...... there is no reason for parents not to use discounts formulas, do your research and you will se the same ingredients as top brands! After spending top dollar on my first, i saw that i was just throwing money away for a name! After switching to this i was soo happy, and so was my baby and my wallet! They have different variety for different needs! No complaints except not trying it sooner! Thanks for bringing high quality at a low price!!

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  • MissB22 By  MissB22    

    This formula is fantastic! My husband and I didn't have a lot of money when my first child was born and we used this formula instead of the expensive name brand. She never had a problem and ever seemed to prefer this to other ones that we tried. I would recommend it to anyone!

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  • mrsmommywright By  mrsmommywright    

    both my daughters loved this formula and the only difference i noticed with it was that it was a little harder to mix and mixed better in a warmer water. it's definitely worth purchasing over the major brands that cost much more if the only difference is that you will have to shake a bottle a little longer!!

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  • MamaRhonda By  MamaRhonda    

    I got a free sample from said it was 1-day supply. My son is on mixed bottles so we didn't use it all on the first day - BIG MISTAKE. He ended up throwing up on the 2nd day of using it so we tossed it. Sounds like everyone else loved it, but it was not for my son. We'll stick with name brands.

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  • cnoel12 By  cnoel12    

    I used Parent's Choice for all three of my Children. The cost is good and the quality is comparible, plus it doesn't seem to have that nasty formula smell as bad as other brands.

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  • keeganandjacksmommy By  keeganandjacksmommy    

    i loved using the parents choice formula. both of my sons had no problems with it. it is so much cheaper than buying the name brand formulas. i highly recommend using this formula.

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  • heatherv112506 By  heatherv112506    

    I loved it! My daughter used this formula in conjunction to being breastfed. I switched her after Similc had their recall due to bug parts being contaminated in the formula. I never changed her back. It was definitely cheaper, but only money wise. The product was great.

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  • frymom3 By  frymom3    

    I used this product for my youngest two boys. I noticed no difference between Parent's Choice and Enfamil. We used the provided Enfamil in the hospital, then when we got home we started using Parents Choice. I would recommend this product to anyone, It is the same product for half the cost! Who wouldn't go for that!

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  • marysunshine621 By  marysunshine621    

    Wish I had known about this product with my other kids! I used this brand for my last two children,. Its great, cheaper, and same ingredients. Packaging is great, simple, and easy to read when trying to locate the right formula on the shelves.

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  • mysagelo By  mysagelo    

    What a bargain. I ordered a case of organic parent's choice for my baby and it worked out great. I really wish it was available in the store. I have to order it online and it I get low, i'll supplement w/ a name brand product.

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  • carriemcullum By  carriemcullum    

    this is a great product and my son liked it just as much as the non generic brand

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  • slydoc17 By  slydoc17    

    I think this is the best brand my son loved and is doing very well on it

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  • lilmommaof3 By  lilmommaof3    

    I love this brand of formula!! Both my other kids had to be on hypoallergenic formula because they couldn't handle the name brand soy. My youngest has had no problems with this formula! I'm so ecstatic that I don't have to pay loads of money for formula. It's half the price of regular formula, I don't know what I would do without it!

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  • lucas567 By  lucas567    

    I usd this formula when my son was a baby it is great and a good price.

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