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  • muacelyy By  muacelyy    

    Im a makeup artist so a primer is VERY important in what i do..i buy so many high end primers cause they work so well but the price is just ridiculous..so when i came across this elf primer for $1.00 i said why not try it...well let me just say i was floored, this primer worked just as good as my higher end primers i would def use this agian and tell my clients to go and try it themselves!

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  • AnneLW By  AnneLW    

    This product definitely does the trick and what a steal for just $3.00! It may not be the absolute best eye primer out there but, for $3.00 worth a try! I wish the tube were clear so you can see when the product is running out.

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  • A_williamsbeauty By  A_williamsbeauty    

    For me this product was okay. I bought this eye primer after using another purchased from sally beauty supply for 7.99. I thought to myself that the Elf?s one was defiantly worth the try being that it was so cheap. Well I honestly was really impressed. It don?t like the color it comes out, I have used it a few times and still don?t care for it. It comes out an leaves the eye lid the color of the primer (a nude color) and if you don?t put eye shadow over the entire area where there is primer you will defiantly see the nude color. With other eye primers used, the primer dissolves into the skin. I do think that it makes the shadow last longer without creasing, but I can?t say that it makes the color of the shadow brighter compared to other primers. I do think that this primer is good for the price, but if you can afford it purchasing a different primer, one that comes in a tube is better. When a primer is within a tube you can get the entire product out. With the wand application you never will be able to get all the contents out of the tube.

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  • vanessa722 By  vanessa722    

    This stuff work and its soo inexpensive ITS A FAVORITE!

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  • Daisybug By  Daisybug    

    Really good for the price. Eyeshadow doesn't budge and crease up, but it's still Spring.. I'm looking to see how it does for Summer, as it will be a true test on me then.

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  • acristescu By  acristescu    

    Works great and you cant beat the price. It goes on smooth and dont need very much at all. I agree with the other reviews that it doesnt make the color more vibrant but your eyeshadow will stay all day and look like you just applied it. Especially important with summer right around the corner.

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  • kabukik By  kabukik    

    For a $1 eye primer, I really expected to put it in the bin after the first use. But it works great, it may not be the best for bright colors but for everyday makeup or night but not to super dramatic, it is as good as urban decay's primer! Give it a chance like I did and you will probably won't be disappointed!

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  • BronzedSouthernBeauty By  BronzedSouthernBeauty    

    Wow i will never buy my high end primer again!!! That was my holy grail primer until I tried this one! It is just as good! I have worn my shadows all day long and have yet to experience creasing from shadows. ( i am not including cream shadows that have also creased with my $18 high end primer). This is so worth the dollar! The only issue i have is that it makes my eyes look very pale even though it says it is sheer. But that just means more precise placement. I recommend this for anyone.

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  • dudsi17 By  dudsi17    

    Great value. Works decent. Will repurchase, BUT I honestly think the $1 version of this works exactly the same.

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  • Jessica87 By  Jessica87    

    Its very inexpensive, but the quality is good. Its not the best eyelid primer out there, but when price is considered I would definitely say its worth giving a try. It does prolong the wear of the shadow and prevent creasing, but it doesnt do the best job at making the colors more vibrant as many other brands do. It does, however, help in blending colors and has a soft and light feel to it.

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  • ericaurr By  ericaurr    

    For the price, this is definitely worth it. Primes the lids so my shadows don't crease. Plus the tube isn't shaped weird, and it's clear so you can see when you run out. Unlike that other popular eyelid primer for $15 more.

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  • lovemygirlies630 By  lovemygirlies630    

    This eyeshadow primer is a hard worker for only $3! It really does what it is supposed to do, but at a fantastic price!

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