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  • vleites1214 By  vleites1214    

    Gross water leaves a nasty after taste

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  • TiffyPixie By  TiffyPixie    

    This is the water we buy. I personally like the taste and we go through a lot of water so we get it by the caseload at Sams Club. I also stock up on drink packets that you mix into water which works out great for use with the water bottles.

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  • lizag2012 By  lizag2012    

    this is the only water i buy. it has a really good taste to it

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  • divasundae By  divasundae    

    This is the only water my family drinks. Our tap water in our house I not good, so this is the best water to replace it. The quality is soo fresh, clean, and crisp! Love it!

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  • mamatomom By  mamatomom    

    We've been buying this for years and have never had any complaints. It's just as good as any of the pricier brands.

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  • chergrac2gg By  chergrac2gg    

    Love this water, i like that it really doesnt have a after tast and goes down good, makes u want more. The only water i drink.

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  • Lizzy6359 By  Lizzy6359    

    This water is so good and it great price to buy and all my family drink it.

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  • jakki_edwards By  jakki_edwards    

    It's refreshing and it is reasonably priced, so I like it!

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  • TheWhitePegasus By  TheWhitePegasus    

    I like this water. And the price for it is really good!

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  • BiancaAlice By  BiancaAlice    

    This water is my favorite. So tastey and great for the kids plus they give out coupons.

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  • delilah1912 By  delilah1912    

    Taste like dish soap. Not a fan.

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  • meme1976 By  meme1976    


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  • embreeyo By  embreeyo    

    While I love the price of Nestle Pure Life, I am not a fan of the way it tastes. For years I condemned Evian for being an overpriced water that tastes as though it came from the rain run off out of my gutters, now I will do the same for this product. Only with Nestle, I will give them a kudos for making it cheap "gutter water".

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  • BostonSox By  BostonSox    

    I can't imagine paying for bottled tap water. The oil and resources that go into making the plastic bottles and manufacturing plain old tap water is incredibly high. For the cost of 2 cases of this, you can get a water filter and make sure own bottled water. Glass bottles or BPA-free reusable bottles are so much better for our health and the planet. Sorry to be on a soapbox...

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  • lynne1964 By  lynne1964    

    I agree with "jygriebel" on the certain flavor Pure Life seems to have now. This is the only water we have bought in a long time and now it tastes really odd. My daughter will not even drink it now. Very disappointing.

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