Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter

Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter

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I always ate skippy and now recently we tried the natural skippy and it was so creamy and good. could not find it when we went back to the store. Hope its there again next time.

One of my favorite brands of peanut butter. Family loves the creamy texture & it so good for you.

I grew up eating Skippy. It is the only brand I buy for my home as well. Great texture and flavor-- perfect.

Skip the rest and go with Skippy!!

Skippy Peanut Butter is the ONLY brand of peanut butter that I will buy for my family. I grew up on this peanut butter and I don't like the taste of any other brand. My kids have asked me why I don't buy anyother brand and I have told them in my opinion there is NO other peanut butter out there as good as Skippy

Jif is my favorite and skippy is my second favorite. It is however my husbands favorite so we buy both.

Skippy is my second favorite, Jiff is my first. I got a great deal on two large jars of Skippy with two large jars of Smuckers Jelly at Bj's so thats what we are eating right now.

I love Skippy. it's the only brand that I will buy now. I must admit I use to be a jif girl, but now that they've changed their formula or what ever they did, I can't stand jif...

An everyday standard at our house for our oldest daughter's PB&Js. She occasionally will ask for Crunchy, but prefers creamy 80% of the time.