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BEST INVESTMENT EVER!!! I am an avid reader and love my Kindle. I take it everywhere including the pool/beach (I purchased a waterproof cover) Of the other e-readers I have seen or fiddled with, KINDLE IS THE BEST. Wish there were chepaer books but they are still cheaper than store bought. I bought the leather cover with the lite brite snake light which is wonderful for night reading in bed, in the car, or on a plane at night

Love my Kindle ! I did all the research and decided on the the Kindle. The kids love the word games and I love being able to take a book to work to read at lunch without weighing down my purse.

I received my kindle as a gift from my husband and absolutely love it! he also purchased the holder/cover with the book lifgt and I aslo love this. Enough light to read in bed but not keep him awake. Most thoughtful gift so far!!!

I am in love my boyfriend gave me the new kindle with 3G access and I can not stop raving about it to people. I recommend it to anyone well I guess unless you do not read, but it is great. I even bought an attachable light for it. I love love LOVE my kindle

If anyone has a DRIOD phone you can download the amazon kindle app onto your phone and it works just as well! the app is free too!

I LOVE my kindle!!....When I see a book I might be interested in, I can quickly and easily find it and download it!...It allows you text to speech on most books, so when you are tired but not enough to fall asleep it will read to you!...The only down fall to my kindle is that there is no light on it, I got a clip on light but it would be nice if it had a low lit green or blue background light to read when other people are trying to sleep in the same room! Also I noticed that if you turn the wireless off when you are reading and not downloading it will save your battery, because that does seem to drain quickly if you leave wireless on continuously. There are A LOT of free books you can get, mostly older but still free! It would be nice if they gave you a 20 dollar credit when you bought your kindle to go towards books though considering the cost!...all in all I would purchase the kindle again in a heart beat!!!

I think that i would really love one of these! Is it worth the money or is a cheaper version of a 'knockoff' a better deal?

I have had my Kindle for 8 months and I love it!! I registered my Kindle on my mom's Amazon account, so we can share all of the books either of us purchase. Even though you can't read in the dark, I think it is way easier on the eyes that reading with devices that are back lit. I was a little disappointed in the battery life, until I discovered that if you shut off the wireless when not connecting, the battery lasts a lot longer. Then just turn the wireless back on when you need to download anything.

I love my Kindle. It was such a nice gift. I love having books at my fingertips. I just wish some of the books were a little cheaper. Other than the price of books it is one of the greatest things I won. I love to have my USA Today delivered every morning on my Kindle. Fun

i've had the kindle 2 for almost 2 years... love it! best investment EVER!

I have been waiting for my Kindle for over a month and it finally came in yesterday. It is so awesome! I couldn't put it down last night! From the time I got home from work until I went to bed (about 5 hours!) I tested it and "played" with it to see all the capabilities. I am not done yet either! I downloaded a couple of free books to see how that worked and it is amazing. I am going to really enjoy my new KIndle!

I own a Kindle and I love it. I just wish it had an option for a back light. I bought a really good rechargeable light at Barnes & Noble so I can read at night.

My husband and I just had a conversation about the Kindle. We both are in agreement. We want one. I like to read awhile when I first go to bed. Hubby likes to sleep. The Kindle sounds like it would help keep our 38-year marriage going happily. sister raves about the Kindle too.

The best product I have ever owned. I received as a gift and I couldn't rave enough about how amazing this product is. It holds thousands of books, saves me space, downloads in less than a minutes, cheaper books save money, and it has wi-fi. I love the Amazin Kindle!

I can't say enuf good things about this product! I researched the Kindle & the Sony Touch. Because I am a want it now kinda girl, I bought the Sony locally. Had many issues. Returned it - decided to try the Kindle. OMG!!! What was I thinking buying the Sony?!? The Kindle is absolutely amazing. Within minutes, I had it charging, registered & a book downloaded. I love I can check my FB account & email . I have been told to get the "KindleCookBook" (Kindle store)- it explains all the fun things it can do. New releases are $9.99 classics are often free. The Kindle Store has a huge variety of books available. Altho I haven't tried it, you can put MP3 songs on it & has the option for text to speech books. A co-worker bought it for her daughter for christmas. She took it to Aruba. Was able to read it on the beach without any glare, able to download additional books & easy to carry on the plane. I definately recommend the Kindle to anyone looking for an EReader!!!!