Sinful Colors  Professional Nail Polish

Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish

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Absolutely great quality for the price! It stays on long, & drys fast. Its definitely my favorite brand of nailpolish. :D

Sinful colors has a wide variety of colors but it chips so so fast, but if your on a budget like most of us and like color on your nails, not minding re-painting and re-painting than you got a winner.

Amazing polish for the price.

This is one of the best nail polishes that I have. They are very pigmented and look great on your nails. You can choose from many colors which stay on for a long time without chipping or fading. Really great price for such nice quality.

Im an avid sinful colors fan I own all there polishes sinfuls colors are so gorgeous and a must have

Sinful Colors is one of my favorite brands of nail polish! I always get great application and fantastic wear time out of Sinful Colors. I love their wide array of colors they have to choose from and that it is such an affordable brand.

I have one of these colors, and I actually found it to be fairly long lasting, but it was rather hard to remove, and stained my nails pretty bad.

LOTS of great colors at a very affordable price. I can never get out of the drugstore without buying one. The staying power for me is about 4 days . You can't beat the price and variety

Not the most long lasting of nail polishes but these are fun because you can try lots of different colors at an affordable price. The formula tends to be slightly thick, which takes it longer to dry.

Love love love the color choices! I can always count on Sinful to have just the color I was looking for AND some I didn't know I wanted. The price is great too.

This is by far the best nail polish I've ever purchased. The bright neon colors don't stay on as long as the pastels and darker colors, but they last long enough for what you pay for. I've never wanted to spend more than $3 on a bottle of nail polish and this stuff is cheap AND lasts. Tons of colors to pick from as well.

I really like the color selection, but when it comes to quality I would not recommend this nail polish! It chips within days, if not hours of putting it on! I have tried everything to keep the polish on but it always chips! Even though the colors are great, I would not recommend this unless you would like to redo your nails 4 times a week!

I love Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish. I must admit that I have a few shades. What drew me in and continues to draw me in as far as buying this brand of nail polish is the absolutely beautiful colors offered. But, alas the polish's performance truly reflects it's price tag. It does not last and will start to chip really quickly. But I have found that if I use the Orly rubberized base coat and a Orly top coat with the Sinful nail polish it lasts longer.

I love the variety of colors, and I love how quickly they dry. I have at least 5 different colors of this brand. However, even with a top coat they require a ton of maintenance as they chip so easily. You get what you pay for!

I love Sinful Colors, the colors are very bright and brilliant and the polish is wonderful too, it is a very good purchase as it only takes one to two coats and saves a lot of time in drying. It is easy on the pocket too, one of my of the best brands of polish out there!