Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express

Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express

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this mascara was too thick for me, I really didn't care for it

I am a makeup artist and we all use this product. I usually go for expensive products considering I do makeup for Gossip Girl but this product is the best. It's the wand it is thick and curved.

I love this product from Maybelline. I already have long, curled lashes and when I use this mascara, it makes my lashes look longer. Like the way it goes on too, no clumps, lol!

I love the waterproof falsies! It does what is says long thick lashes, and its cheap. It is a little hard to tske off but it is def. Waterproof unlike others claim to be! Absolutely the best!

I LOVE the waterproof version of this product! I have full and long lashes naturally. This product indeed gives them a "false" look. They are long and super full after 2 thick coats.

I bought this thinking my lashes would be really long and look thicker. My lashes are already long to begin with so I was hoping for some additional length but instead it was clumpy and broke apart. It leaves this flaky black residue on my face everytime I use it. And it has a smell to it. I really wish this would of been a go to product but it wasn't.

I often get irritated with mascaras because they end up clumping or looking spider leggish. I don't have that problem with this mascara. It made my lashes look full and longer, and did it so they looked more natural than when using other mascaras.

This is my favorite mascara ever. It makes my eyelashes really long and thick, but nice and natural looking. I would definetly recommend and have!

I love the volume. For the price you just can't beat it.

Loved this mascara, my lashes are curly already and it gave me great length and volume!

I did not care for this mascara. It did not help my lashes to look thicker. It flaked a lot.

I absolutely LOVE the Falsies mascara. I have very long eyelashes naturally and most products that are supposed to lengthen or create volume just end up clumping all the lashes together. Not this one! I am stopped at least once or twice a week and asked what mascara I use!!

Not bad either....... stays well no flaking, it is thicker but i dont mind that! Did i feel as if i had falsies....... no not really! But overall happy with it!

Hmmmm... soooo wanted this to work for me. The hype over it is immense. So of course I buy two. I try it and i cant believe the brush/wand? It clumps, it flakes, all the thing you DONT want with mascara. Ive tried a ton of them, and i would never buy this again. I brought the product back to the store.

Very, very clumpy.