Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillet

Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillet

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For the most part, I like using the cast iron pan. The one thing I do not like about the cast iron pan is that it heats unevenly.

I was worried about using a cast iron due to not knowing how to maintain them. After some guidance from a coworker, I am so happy with our purchase! I use it almost daily now!

Can't go wrong with cast iron I love cast iron. Very versatile can be used out on camp fires or on the stove and even in it. I love how it makes food taste. They're very durable and last a long time if taken care of. You can never go wrong with a good cast iron pan. Very heavy and love the way they feel. Heat up evenly too.

Thumbs up for my go skillet, I usually find myself making breakfast or dessert in this pan. Great for oven or stove top and it will last decades if you take care of it.

This one is heavy, very durable, can be used in the oven. I can even cook it right over the coals, no issue up till now!!

I love cast iron cookware & this pan gets a lot of use in my kitchen. I especially love to use it for cornbread or any variation of potatoes. Smothered chicken is also a great dish to prepare in it.

I love these skillets for their old school great quality. I love to make buttermilk cornbread in mine.

I bought 2 of these because they are so fantastic! If you have never cooked with cast iron, you are missing out. They make everything taste better! Food cooks evenly and makes meat brown perfectly and gravy taste like it was cooked by your grandma. Try frying fish in a cast iron, so crisp and perfect every time. There simply isn't anything you can't cook in a cast iron pan and it can go from stove top to oven to make a quick casserole.

I am a fanatic when it comes to cooking with cast iron cookware. My Lodge skillet fries chicken wonderfully. Great product.

If you cook this is a must have. Versatile and easy to take care of. I use this all the time.

love these skillets I recently got married and it was a life saver...

my parent have used cast iron skillets as long as i can remember and so do i now.

Love my Lodge cast iron skillet. The best frying pans you can ever buy. My mom always cooked with cast iron.

OOOH ! I love my pan !! I got so.tired of non.stick pans with the chemical coating,.that wears off into my food. This cast iron pan is so much healthier, I do not think a preson.could even.wear it out either. I cannot wait to purchase more of these, in.different sizes.

My go-to all purpose pan. I love all my cast iron, but my big Lodge skillet is my favorite! It is perfect for almost everything I want to make. I've cooked & seasoned taco meat, baked biscuits and cinnamon rolls, cooked sausage, even scrambled eggs in this pan - it never fails me!