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  • Lemony By  Lemony    

    I love China Glaze polishes. My favorite things about this polish are the color selection, the glittery polishes go on smooth and dry with a smooth finish, the polish lasts, and doesn't chip overly easily. Also, it is fairly inexpensive. The only negative is that I have to go to a nail salon to buy it, or I can drive to my nearest Ulta which is about 35-40 minutes away., or I can buy it online but I hate paying shipping. I guess what I am trying to say is I wish it was a product carried by more stores in my area.

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  • rarah1 By  rarah1    

    This brand is the longest lasting polish on my nails by far. I love the color range and their quick dry top coat I put over all my polishes

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  • kbaby05 By  kbaby05    

    i love china glaze and this color is amazing - the polish does last long with less chipping

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  • Emmsey By  Emmsey    

    I really like China Glaze nail polish, but I don't like the price of it. I think that you can get dupes for it for much cheaper. I own all the Hunger Games collection and a few random other ones. I do like this brand, I just feel that it doesn't need to be this expensive.

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  • jnaylor10 By  jnaylor10    

    China glaze is my Favorite Polish on the market because it stays on for a good week or so before it starts chipping away. The colors are amazing and my favorite color is LIquid Leather.......

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  • BabblingBeauty1 By  BabblingBeauty1    

    I love china glaze nail polishes!! They are really creamy and the color that it looks like in the bottle is what you get on your nails. I know with some products, the nail polish is really watery and sheer on your nails but not with china glaze. This color in particular is really pretty and great for summer!

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  • Oparaa By  Oparaa    

    I paint my nails at least once a week and am hooked on China Glaze!

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  • nathekr By  nathekr    

    I LOVE CHINA GLAZE NAIL POLISHES. They last a long time and have a huge selection of colors. I buy mine at Sallys Beauty Supply.

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  • Simplyalyssaa By  Simplyalyssaa    

    I love this brand so much, I got my first China Glaze nail polish back last year in the most popular shade 'For Audrey' after hearing so much about it, I caved in. I have to say it's one of the best things I've done in the beauty world. It has been one of my favorite or 'go to' nail polish I have. It's amazing at staying power if you put on a nice top coat and base coat. I recommend this brand to anyone nail polish lover!

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  • IronicPoetry By  IronicPoetry    

    I am obsessed with China Glaze and refuse to use any other nail polishes. I own over 70 different colors (the one pictured here is "For Audrey" and is my top fave). Nothing stays on my nails like this stuff does, and I can tell you that they aren't lying when they say that it strengthens your nails, as well. They offer tons of fun colors and concepts, they're always coming out with something new and exciting, too. The polish goes on smoothly and evenly and rarely requires more than a second coat. It stays brilliantly shiny and is highly chip resistant. I'm so very much in love!

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  • SunnyDaise By  SunnyDaise    

    Omg my boyfriends sister introduced me to this brand and I'm hooked! Just like OPI but cheaper! Great quality, tons of color selection, doesn't chip easily, doesn't goop up. I do my nails very often and I can say China Glaze is awesome! :)

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  • ann__b By  ann__b    

    I love China Glaze it's a great quality product. The polish lasts longer than other brands and dries much faster. They've got some great colors too.

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  • takgirl14 By  takgirl14    

    I add sparkle to my holiday look by wearing a glittery nail polish, either alone or over another color. My nails will be spakling this year thanks to China Glaze nail polish in Nova, a silver glitter!

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    I love china glaze. It goes on and stays on for me. The formula is spectacular and I love the colors

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  • katih107 By  katih107    

    I love this brand! Great formula and easy to use brush!! I paint my nails at least once a week and am hooked on China Glaze!

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