vitafusion Multi Vites Gummy Vitamins

vitafusion Multi Vites Gummy Vitamins

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Great product...It has almost every vitamin a person needs and it is very tasty.

Great product. I take these daily and enjoy taking them. I have to remind myself to take only 2. Lots of essential vitamins - one simple product. I bought them because i cant swallow pills, but after tasting them i wouldn't have it any other way. i love Vitafusion's gummys!

These taste great and is a good alternative to those that do not like to swallow a pill. Everyone in my family loves them.

Best vitamins ever! taste mor elike gummy bears than vitamins. Makes for an intelligent swapertunity!

This might sound lame, but everyone in my family takes these vitamins. It's not a chore to remind everyone, because it's like giving them a little candy treat. Great product.

These vitamins are the only ones I've ever been able to commit to taking each day! There is something about the gummy part, that makes them extra yummy, while making you nostalgic at the same time. The only bad thing, is it's hard to just take one, because they taste so good!

I love these vitamins! My sister got me hooked and I got a few friends and my boyfriend hooked. They don't taste like vitamins at all. I tend to forget to take pills, but I never forget to take these!

I love the Gummy Vitamins!!! Taking the regular pill type vitamins always made me sick to my stomach. Now taking the morning vitamins is not a challenge. I also just purchased Vitafusion's gummy calcium....another great product!!!!

I love these gummy vitamins. Being chewy, makes it feel more like your eating candy

I started buying these vitamins over a year ago and I love them. They are so tasty to me that if they weren't vitamins, I would eat more than allowed. They are the only supplement that I look forward to every day. They are a little pricey, but I generally wait till I have a coupon to buy them.

I purchased these vitamins because my teenager canno swallow pills. The entire family now takes these and not only are they flavor they are worth the cost.

I buy these for my husband, becuase they do not have vitamin K which is a blood thickner. The taste great very fruity and easy to chew unlike "other' gummy vitamins which are rubbery. Wonderful Product !

I buy the gummy vitamins for my husband, he claims the other vitamins taste bad. I've tried one or two and they are good. My husband loves them! Only way I can get him to take his vitamins :)

This is the BEST invention since sliced bread. I love that they now offer gummy vitamins for adults. I'm more likely to take vitamins because of them.

i bought these not too long ago. so much better then taking the dull bitter hard pills that the GNC offers. so glad that they also have it out for calcium too since i can't drink milk!