Biore  Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

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I love using these!! They work pretty good but they still leave a lot of clogged pores and you have to be careful not to get them on the skin under your eye because it will hurt like crazy when you pull it off.

They can be tricky to get on really well to maximize usage, but when you get it right and take it off, it is shocking what you will see. It's always nice to know that is what I just got out of my large pores.

Can take a little getting use to but as long as you follow directions, those blackheads will be gone! You can see everything that has left your pores to be reassured.

I love this product, i use it as necessary, when i was younger I never had a problem with acne or blackheads, but now as i have gotten older, my nose has been my worst problem. Use them correctly and they are awesome

I use this product every so often when I feel like I need a clean deeper than regular them!

I love love love love this stuff . It gets all my black and white heads out and once Im done my face feels so clear. Just dont use it when your skin is overdried like after the beach because it can cause peeling

I love them. No cons.

Great product! Really grabs on to the gunk that accumulates in your pores and you get the satisfaction of seeing the result on the strip (sounds gross but it's true!) Your face immediately feels cleaner and tighter and your pores smaller. You need to leave the strip on until it is completely dry (should feel hard like paper mache) before pulling it off or it won't work. It's hurts a little when you peel it off but it is definitely worth it. Sometimes it leaves a little sticky film when you pull the strip off but it easily rinses off with water. I use it once every two weeks or when I feel like my skin is in need of some deep cleansing. Highly recommended!

I got these as a free sample attached to my face wash. These are amazing, but one time I did peel it off too soon and it left a filmy layer on my skin. If left on long enough it worked wonders

Ive been using these for a while and really like them. Just be sure not to leave them on too long or it may hurt a little more when you take them off.

I have tried these several times and I can not get them to work. The little black dots on my nose are still there and my pores are still clogged.

I use this every two weeks. Great product! I know this sounds icky - but I love seeing everything that is "removed" just from using this product.

I absolutely love these!! I use them once-twice a week and my skin instantly feels softer, less oily and my pores appear to be smaller after prolonged use. For the best look, I use the tingling face wash as well!!

I have used this product since I have heard about it. This product does what it says it does and more. I would recommend this product to anyone.

These are great! Quick and easy to use! Keeps my pores nice and clean!