Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Creme Lotion

Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Creme Lotion

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Really nice product, great scent for a sunscreen, more of a lotion smell then a sunscreen smell, good bonus. Only qualm is how thick it is for regular day to day sunscreen use. I won't use it on my face for this reason, it is to hard to rub in. I do have to add, I use this in the tanning booth on my tattoos, it is thick enough I can see right where it is going, so as to only get it on the tat and not the surrounding area so I get an even tan. It works super for this. I think you guys could market this in a smaller bottle with a different label as a tattoo tanning bed lotion. It really works for that, my tattoos are bright and pretty and the little bit off untatted skin between that shows through, is bright white, it really works great! I love it for that, I have a deep dark tan and tatts that are super bright, not faded or tanned! works better then the rub on stick stuff you buy at the salon, this is great again as you can apply it right where you need it and because it is white you can see right where to put it! will but this product, not so much as a day to day sunscreen(I prefer the sprays) but defenatly as a tattoo protector, best I have found yet!

I loved the smell of this lotion, but it was super thick. All in all I liked it, but it takes a while to apply.

Good SPF coverage, but I felt I had to use most of the bottle just to cover my body b/c it is very thick and does not rub in very well

I really lke it. It goes on smooth and doesn't make you really greasy like other sun care products. I will deffinatly by buying this/.

The perfect island scent to make you actually want to put on sunscreen. With 2 of my friends <25 years old with diagnosed melanoma, I find it even more important for me to put on sunscreen. I wore the sunscreen for a weekend at the lake and it worked wonderfully.

I got the sample a couple of weeks ago, and finally got to use it last week at the lake. I really liked the smell and the coverage. It goes on more like a thick cream than a lotion but gave awesome protection for the whole afternoon we were out on the water. I've already given out all of my samples to friends who used it last week. Will also recommend to anyone looking for a sunblock with great protection.

I think this is a really great sunscreen. I would choose it over all the others that I've used in the past. It has a nice smell which isn't to strong, and the consistency is great too, it's not to thick and not to watery either. I would recommend this to anyone looking for excellent sun protection.

This is a product that you need, especially where I reside in california...the sun is brutal! and this lotion takes the heat!

I don't normally use such a high spf (other than my face) I tried it and it was ok. I got nervous at first bc it looked like it was going to be one of those thick lotions that won't rub in and leave streaks but I was surprised to find that it went on pretty clear. The smell was pretty light so I have no comment about whether or not it smelled good. I noticed someone commented about this being a spray sunblock, but it's not. I do prefer sprays as well though.

I also think its a bit thick. Wish they had a spray variety of this product!


I absolutely love this Hawaiian Tropic because it provides great protection and smells amazing. I love the light and tropical scent and the product is perfect for the beach or laying out by the pool. The creme lotion goes on light without feeling greasy or oily. It is a little heavy, but provides great suncare protection and keeps me from getting burned. It is easy to apply without being messy.

This product was just ok. I have used other spray sunscreens and they were much easier to use. This one doesn't spray on evenly, where others I have used did and did require and additional work. I wouldn't purchase this product.

This is a very nice sun screen. It goes on thick but is very easy to smooth on to the skin and does not have a heavy, greasy feeling like some sun screens do. That typical coconut scent was present but not overwhelming.

It was hard to rub in, but have a little patience and you'll get great protection from the harsh sun!