Victoria's Secret Love Spell Perfume

Victoria's Secret Love Spell Perfume

              Rated #6 in Fragrance
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93% Recommended
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LOVE this scent. My second favorite VS scent. Nicely balanced fragrance.

love love lovvveeeee this perfume! smells so good!!!!

OMG this is actually my favorite, I love it so much, it just smells soooooo good. Every time I ran out, I make sure to buy more. I try not to use it much though because im afraid they might stop making them (for some reason sometimes companies stop making products even though they were just so awesome).

I love this in the perfume! It stays on a lot better then the mist does. I actually have one right now on my shelf. It has a very nice smell and is really cheap!

not my favorite

This is definitely a favorite from VS. I really like the scent. It's not obnoxiously fragrant, and it lasts a while throughout the day.

Smells beautiful, luxurious! Always my go to scent when I need a pick me up. The scent is clean, deep and lasts a good while.

Oh! I love this scent! I have every one of this in their line! It smells so great!

I liked this when it first came out but now that I'm older not as much.


An all time favorite! Makes you feel fresh and sexy! Can never mistake this scent! Always a crowd pleaser

Oh my I love this so much I got it for such a great price and the lotion smells amazing the scent Cherry Blossom,Peach & White Jasmine smells great this perfume and lotion smell so good and make you walk out confident the lotion also has a long lasting smell and makes your skin very smooth highly recommend this and this is one of my favorites from Victoria Secret & I love the style of the bottle and lotion !

I think it is expensive but smells great.

I'm not sure if this is still in stock but it use to be a best-seller at Victoria Secret (i use to work there). It's a very strong scent, especially when you first spray it. It's an unusual scent and very memorable. The scent is floral but much more complex, almost like a musk. It's also a scent that I got a little sick of, but good to add to your perfume collection. The scent will last longer than other Victoria Secret perfumes, but not as long as a more expensive one.

One of my favs from VS