CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation

CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation

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My mom originally bought this product for herself but it was too light for her so she gave it to me. I'm only a teenager, but I loved this foundation. It's one of the only foundations I've found that has a shade light enough for me, and it's very smooth. It doesn't smell bazaare either, like most. My skin looks flawless while wearing this foundation. It's worth a try ;)

I've gone through so many foundations and I've finally found my keeper!! (for awhile anyways.) It is very difficult for me to find a foundation that I can accept and stick to for awhile. It's always too dry, too oily, too patchy/uneveness, too light, too dark. This make seems to cover all those con areas and looks almost invisible on my skin. The price is a little steep, but in the long run, it's worth it because you won't be go through different products spending a little bit more and each one.

I am a 49 year old woman with very dry skin. My skin is specifically dry around my mouth and it is also dry in the creases around my nose. I also get dry on my four head between my I eyes. I have tried many different types of make-up that have made my skin look older and dryer. I've also tried the minerals make-ups and that didn't work for me either. I receive and tried a sample of the cover girls simply ageless make up and I am so glad that I did. The cover girl simply ageless make up has Olay serum swerved into its foundation, blush and eye concealer. However, I have read some mixed reviews on this product so I was a little skeptical about trying this product. But because I received it as a sample I decided to give it a try. And much to my surprise I was very impressed and pleased with this product. I apply the makeup immediately after cleaning and deeply moisturizing my skin. And what I experience with this product being a 49 year old with very dry skin and minimal wrinkles is that after applying the simply ageless foundation, sculpting blush and eye concealer my skin felt better. The coverage was complete and it did not make me look washed out or chalky. The colors that I chose matched my medium brown tone complexion. I felt that the makeup had a continuous moisturizing affect throughout the day and I didn't get a drying or cakey look that I have experienced with other make-ups in the past. Cover girl simply ageless make up did not settle between the tiny lines on my four head. I felt that this product was designed for my specific needs and concerns. I definitely will recommend this product for older women who experience dry skin. And as I mentioned earlier this product works really good after you've cleaned and moisturize your face.

I really like it. I haven't tried the sponge applicator that came with (just because they are always cheap and tear easily) but it goes on smooth and covers great. I have dark spots, acne etc but this covers without looking like I smeared cake icing on my face. And lasts all day.

I tried it and thankfully got it half price..It def settled into the laugh lines on my face. It did fit my color though. I used it a bit and through it out..

At first, I was unhappy. Got it home, scooped up a big glob of it, and proceeded to just rub it in. It looked cakey and awful! But, after some experimenting I perfected it and now I'm in love. The trick for me is to start with getting the application sponge damp. Instead of scooping up the product, I just pat it. Then, I dab it on my skin. You don't need a lot. Less is more with this. Then I let it dry slightly before finally smoothing it out. Perfect. Great coverage, really does sit on top of lines making them less visible. Great package. Bottom part holds the sponge. The glass part on top unscrews to reveal the foundation. Bought the blush too. Same deal to apply, but great performance. Go for it! I've had it for two weeks now and have hardly made a dent!