Nintendo Wii New Super Mario Bros

Nintendo Wii New Super Mario Bros

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I love Mario brothers.. I would love to have this game.

Love this game!! Loved the original and Nintendo didn't disappoint with this version. Great family game - all ages can play, even the harder levels as you're able to jump into a bubble while others complete the harder tasks. Watch out though - it's addicting!

This is a great game. Still like the old one but with better graphics. I love simpy fun games.

I love this game, its great to play with others. It makes it easy by allowing you to bubble if you are having trouble and have a skilled video game player help you out. I definitely like multiplayer games over single players, and this was a great game.

The Super Mario from 1990 for the Super Nintendo was my favorite childhood game! When this game came out, I could not wait to buy it! Whenever friends are over, we pull out this game! It's so great to play one player or even four. When we play with four people we don't focus so much on winning, we just have fun jumping around. It's an addicting game!

we bought this game and i live with my boyfriend who of course has his friends come over every other night. we since we have bought the game, every night i have at least 4 guys in my living either yelling and wooting at each other because they or cusing each other out because they keep bouncing off each others head. This game is quiet amusing whether your playing it or just sitting and watch. If you own a Wii I highly recommend this game

My family really loves this game... I have a 14, 11, and 6 year old and they all love to play it!

Awesome game!

This is a very fun game !

Very great and entertaining game -- especially fun when you can have four players playing at the same time on the screen. It can get frustrating at some points when everyone is bouncing on each others heads, but that's part of the fun!

THE BEST!!!!! i have no other words

Who doesnt love Mario, my husband and i play the game along with out kids.

love, love, love....this is why i got my wii. me and my 33 year old brother play this alll the time. we used to play the original mario on rainy days all day when we were like 12. we still have the systems and still play. this version is alot of fum. my 4 year old loves it too

This game is supper and addicting I have even played with my 5 yr old niece we have party's and just play mario!

awesome game! i still play the old super nes and nes mario games, but this has a nice twist to it..... and my nephews really love playing with me!!