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  • kellieleigh86 By  kellieleigh86    

    I used it with my daughter, seemed the same as the expensive brands, so it's worth it :)

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  • mommie1976 By  mommie1976    

    i have used it with all 6 of my kids! love cheaper than others

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  • MomaNikki82 By  MomaNikki82    

    This is the best formula out there for your baby! It's gentle for their digestive system! My daughter has never experienced a problem with this formula since switching to it from the breast. It's the closest to breast milk as you can get! Never had a prob with belly aches or gas. The formula itself doesn't have a nasty formula smell like other brands. The powder dissolves well when shaken. Doesn't stain clothes, if accidently spilled. Would def recommend for use with all babies!

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