JELL-O Mousse Temptations

JELL-O Mousse Temptations

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They are sugar free and they satisfy my cravings for chocolate and something sweet at the same time. Add a dollop of sugar free Cool Whip and you have a complete dessert! Delicious!

I love this Jello! It is a bit fluffy in my mouth, but wonderfully flavored and low in calories.

I tried the carmel I wasnt crazy about it I would love to try the chocolate I'm sure its a lot better.

I liked the chocolate...great alternative to something less healthy!

House Party let me try them for free. The local grocery stores (In SoCal, of all places!) don't carry all of the flavors so I was limited, but the 2 I did try were alright. The texture was odd, but the flavors were good.

I have only tried chocolate indulgence but my overall impression was okay. It made a good light snack but I still felt the need to eat more than one to feel satisfied. I liked the texture, it was different, kinda fluffy & airy

I love this over the chocolate mousse but this one far exceeds the chocolate flavor. It's smooth and creamy and just enough to hit the spot without busting your seams on your clothes. This has been wonderful for my diet as I can cheat smartly. The packaging is even nice and tempting but I like the color brown. Way to go Jello!

I have tried the caramel and Chocolate flavors. I must say they are extremely yummy and very filling too! They look so light and fluffy so you don't expect it to be so filling, but one cup does the trick :) I would definitely recommend this to anyone for its great taste. FYI, the chocolate flavor is yummier :)

The product taste ok. I mean it doesn't have a lot of crap in it, but I must say it is expensive far from $3 where I live.

I loved the fact that this product didn't have an unnatural aftertaste. It tasted like the real deal.

I love these! They are a great solution for a sweet craving. I have tried the Chocolate Indulgence and Caramel Creme flavors and like both equally. They are light and fluffy without being too rich. I have not tried the Dark Chocolate Decadence but probably will in the future. I hope they will add other flavors as well.

I love these for a sweet treat--just wish there were a few more flavors! Keeps me from making a higher calorie choice when I crave that "little something"!

I love these. I bought the dark chocolate and it satified by craving for chocolate. Delicious!

It's light and fluffy and gone all too fast. I love it.

I thought they were just okay; they are expensive. I bought the dark chocolate and the caramel cream and tried 1 of each (the kids are eating the rest). I thought the caramel cream tasted like chocolate- I couldn't taste any caramel in it. I liked them, but not sure I want to pay the $ for it.