LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table

LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table

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I bought this for my nephew last christmas. He loved playing with it, but my sister and brother in law live in a small apartment so they had to pack away a lot of his toys.

My daughter received this toy for her first bday and although she loves it very much and plays with it all day long, i am not happy with the spanish settings because they have heavy accent as if its a translation computer and its not very sturdy. My daughter pushes it around the entire house but it does keep her entertained.

We got this for our then 6-month old for Christmas last year. Both the baby and our 3-year old enjoy this toy. Lots of songs and sounds, no obnoxious music, and my 15-month old loves bopping to the tunes! We'd buy this all over again a million times over. It's also very durable!

I had this for my now 3 year old son, he absolutely loved it!! This is one of the toys that we saved and will be used by his now 4 month old brother!! I actually bought one in pink for my brothers daughter.

I got this second-hand and my daughter loves it but I don't really like the music choices

my kids never really played with it, they were more interested in using it to climb on, it sat in the den for a while not being used before we passed it on to another family

I like this toy, but I dont love it. I was hoping my little ones would play with it more. It sits in the living room, and everyonce in awhile one of the girls will go play with it, but not very often.

I have this toy for my Daughter. She loves it ,but I am not entirely thrilled with spanish setting. Because repetittive music and words in a language that I don't know gets a little irritating after a while.

I have a 16 month old daughter and I also watch another 16 month old boy during the day. They love this table. I love that ours has a switch that allows you to choose English or Spanish and that since there are so many buttons to push, I don't hear the same songs over and over all day. :)

sorry ladies it was supposed to say learn and groove and title was baby likes it,not loves it.