Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe Joe's

Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe Joe's

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I did not know they made them covered in chocolate. Lov e the regular version but will definately try these next winter. Can't wait, sounds like heaven in a bag.

OMG! i looove the peppermint joe-joes but i have never tasted them dipped in chocolate before i f i got these sent to my house they would be gone in an instant i hope i get them sent to my house!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaah!!!

We love these! They also sell them without the chocolate coating and we've bought those and dipped in white chocolate for another great taste.

Do you like Girl Scout thin mint cookies? Well, this product is like the thin mint on steroids. Two chocolate cookies with a yummy peppermint filling, dipped in a thick layer of dark chocolate and sprinkled with crushed bits of peppermint candy. Biting into one is like getting a taste of heaven. I discovered these last winter at Trader Joes and was traumatized to learn they are only sold in December - so stock up now. I stash them in the fridge - they are so good cold and crunchy.