Ore-Ida  Steam n' Mash Potatoes

Ore-Ida Steam n' Mash Potatoes

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I am generally a HUGE fan of Ore-Ida products, however, these Steam-n-Mash potatoes fell short of their glory. I believe a potato is just one of those foods that is going to take on the flavor of whatever else is around (including ice crystals). All in all, if you are making a casserole or something where the potato is more of a filler, by all means use these. But if you want potatoes that go it alone, just head on back to produce and pick up some Russetts... or better yet, make Ore-Ida fries instead!

far better than boxed potatoes but still not exactly like homemade.

I gave tried many Ore Ida brands of frozen foods and have loved them, but I must admit, this one was not one of my favorites. If you love the HOMEMADE mash potatoes taste, this would not be one of them, but if you are looking to make a quick and easy dinner, this would be wonderful for that.

This is a great product for the family on the go. I have used it and love the taste and how fast it was to prepare

i'm not a fan of these style of potatoes.. but i do like the brand Ore-Ida.. they dont give that freshly smashed taste..

i really want to try this

My Family really liked this. Of course it is not the same as homemade mash but, It is very quick and tasty. It is not watery and grainy like some I have tried which is wonderful

they are ok in a pinch. if i am going to pay for prepackaged mashed potatoes i will buy BOB EVANS. now those are GOOD.

i would love to try this!

A great taste from a dependable brand

Handy to keep on hand for when you need something quick.

so easy to have real mashed potatoes now love them!!!!!

i love this product. although i prefer to make things from scratch, this product makes dinner time so much easier!

These save time and taste great! They are especially good for dishes like shepherds pie :)

Has a good taste and I like that is very easy to make. But if I had the time I would still make them from scratch.