Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner

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I absolutely love the Hello Hydration conditioner its the big drink my hair needs sometimes because its so thick! It has such a great smell that lasts and lasts. My hair stays nice and silky smooth and doesnt dry right back out!

I like the conditioner a lot. The scent is suddle but nice. I don't like the shampoo as much because my hair isn't really that dry and it doesn't clean my hair as well.

The conditioner is exxellent. It smells wonderful. But the shampoo-- not so much.

I use Herbal Essences Natural Instincts to color my hair at home. They used to include a weekly conditioning treatment in the box that I would always run out of! I was ecstatic when I used the Hello Hydration conditioner for the first time and realized it felt and smelled like the same conditioner included with their hair color. I don't use this as an every day product, it can be very heavy and weigh my hair down, but for a weekly or twice a week treatment it does a great job.

Very nice shampoo. Good smell, leaves hair in good condition, and the bottle is clear so you can see how much is left :)

This worked on my hair very well. my hair felt smooth and shiny! Liked the after wash smell too

Herbal Essence is so awesome. They're products are always making me surprised. keep on doing the great work!

Smells great and works amazingly. Leaves my hair shiny smooth and silky. And it's pretty cheap to, easy to locate.

I loved the smell of this, but after using them in a combination together for about a month, I couldn't really tell a difference. I suppose it kept my hair hydrated as well as the products that I replaced it with, but I would say that it does just as good a job as any other moisturizing hair-products. When you consider that along with the smell though, it might be enough to replace your usual brand.

I love Herbal Essences; however, I have thin hair, and this product makes my hair appear greasy after a few hours. Good for in a pinch.

The conditioner is great. Leaves my hair very moisturized. The shampoo is not all that good at moisturizing my hair. It actually leaves it dry. I would purchase the conditioner again.

I like to mix by shampoo up from time to time and tried this and thought it worked really well and smelled great but over time of using it seemed like my hair felt greasy the next day.

I always love the smell these products have!

VERY thick...which is good for my hair since my hair is so thick but seems to leave your hair really heavy and oily the next day! Smells GREAT though!

Herbal essence is an okay brand. Not my first choice, but I do have some I keep in the closet for when I run out of my main product and haven't gotten to the store.