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  • BeautyWiz88 By  BeautyWiz88    

    I really like this hair serum because it makes my hair smell so good and it doesnt leave my locks too oily but it helps with dryness and friz..awesome product I must say !

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  • sofi76 By  sofi76    

    one pump of this oil is all I need on a humid day- right after the gf smoothing milk. Even better when I have time to blow it dry. Not too heavy and easy to clean with shampoo. I hate buildup and this isn't a problem

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  • MomeeGina By  MomeeGina    

    Me and my daughter use this everyday. Our hair is soft and not oily. Love it!

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  • Cropperhopper By  Cropperhopper    

    I have naturally curly hair that likes to get frizzy when it's humid outside. I use just a pea size amount, and I still have the curly hair without the frizz. The bottle lasts forever, because you don't need to use a lot of product.

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  • MilWifeAsh By  MilWifeAsh    

    I started using this when I ran out of my Paul Mitchell Super Skinny. I think this works great, I use it right when my hair is damp. It seems to protect my hair and help with frizz. I used a little bit in my daughters hair to help her's from getting tangled. It worked great for her hair too. For the price you can't beat it.

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  • chickmomma By  chickmomma    

    I could not live without this stuff. I have super natural curly frizzy hair and even if I straighten it, it goes nuts! So I use just a little of this all over and it tames the wild beast! LOL! I have never noticed it being oily once it got in my hair and dried, but I never really use too much either, about a dime size will do it!

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  • nipplina By  nipplina    

    I have to say, this is the best thing they ever invented. I have wavy/curly hair and when it rains I am one big frizz without this product. It keeps the fizz out almost completely. I also like my hair straight. When it rains this is not a good thing. Now that I discovered this, I don't have to worry so much. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!

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  • nanshep4 By  nanshep4    

    i have super thick naturally curly hair and this product works wonders! whether i do my hair curly or straight this helps keep the frizz out so i pretty hair. don't know what i would do without it!

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  • lori74 By  lori74    

    Is a little oily but it works on the friz!

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  • Ricca81 By  Ricca81    

    I use this for my daughter and myself..we love it

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  • bluejay92 By  bluejay92    

    i love this garnier anti-frizz serum makes my hair less frizzy .

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  • Sarahroyster26 By  Sarahroyster26    

    I love this product. My hair is thin and frizzy WORST combination in the world and when it rains I swear I look like a damp But this product helps my hair stay straight in humid weather. And you don't have to use a lot. i use a nickel sized amount in my hair and My hair isn't oily or stringy when I am done.

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  • umana22 By  umana22    

    too oily caused my hair to look greasy

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  • LKriegs By  LKriegs    

    I love this serum. My hair gets really frizzy but this helps keep my frizz down. I can tell a huge difference with my hair when I don't use it. Be careful when using it though, if you put too much close to to roots it gets really oily. I have shoulder length hair and I don't even use a full pump.

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  • Jessica87 By  Jessica87    

    I love putting this in my hair when its wet, just before brushing. Its like a hair oil that helps smooth out and detangle. If you use it on your tips it keeps your ends from splitting during heat treatment. Dont use too much on your roots or else your hair will look greasy and weighed down, but this is the case with any product like this. Its a nice alternative to expensive hair oils.

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