Fiber One Chewy Bars

Fiber One Chewy Bars

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I love the taste of these bars, so chocolatey! The down side is that they give me a bit of an upset stomach (they do the same to a couple of other people I've talked to) so I can't eat them that often :(

Very good and my children love them too! It is a wonderful snack bar and you don't have tofeel guilty about enjoying them.

I recently tried one of these from the vending machine at work to have with my apple. Very good! Love the chocolate chip one. Will be gettng these to keep at my desk. Nice afternoon snack!

These taste great but whatever they use in them seriously upsets my stomach. Must be the fiber, although I eat other high fiber foods without the same problem

i find the ones i ike the best are the caramel so yummy you want to eat the whole box, my daughter and i are addicted to these on the pan of weight watchers they are 1 point and good for you most of us don't get enough fiber so for 9 grams of fiber a real kick for fiber.

The oats and chocolate Fiber One bars are my favorite granola bars. They are soft, chewy and sweet. I also love that it's a good source of Fiber. YUM!

Love these bars! I like the oats and caramel, but my kids love the chocolate. I love to use them for a sweet fix, and I know that I am also getting my fiber. I love how I can toss them into my bag and have them at work or when out running errands.

The chocolate flavored bars are excellent. My daughter loves to have one while she is getting ready for school.

flavor was great and love the chewy texture plus you get your chocalate fix

Great chocolate chewy fix. I actually bought these when I was on weight watchers 3 points for 1 bar. Great to have on hand if you are running late in the morning or keep one in your purse if you get hungry during the day.

I love these bars, they are excellent for the amount of fiber they have in them, I would recommend them but no more than one a day or you may get crampy.

I am a choco-holic and the dark chocolate and oats are a great way to satisfy that craving while also considering the healthiness of a high fiber bar.

The chocolate one was disgusting.

I love the strawberry almond, Fiber One is one of the very, very few that offer something besides chocolate and peanut butter. I am not a huge fan of chocolate bars and don't want them as a fiber bar. Thank you Fiber One!!

I eat these for breakfast almost every morning-they are yummy and filling. Keep me full for most of the morning and are great for on the go.