Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Movie

Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Movie

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As always, a true beautifully told fairy tale for all ages. Love it! This is just one of the Walt Disney movies I want to get for my grandchildren on blu ray

Love it! It's an all time classic!

I love Disney movies the animation is always the best and I also love sleepy.

Good movie

fantastic....the color is clear and it's ust as I remember. My four ear old watches it a few times a week!

I loved this movie when I was youger so I had to get it for my children and they love it

I love snow white it is the best movie

Love it Love it. Great extras on here.

i LOVE snow white and I thought this was great as usual!!!

Lots of great extras on this DVD set. Also really liked the extra art they put on the sides to make it widescreen. A good product!

My 2 girls and I love Snow White! It is sweet when they fall in love with something from my childhood, and Snow White is definitely that for us!

My three Girls truly enjoy this movie. They often parade around the house with a pretend pick ax singing whistle while your work.

Great movie! Loved it growing up and I still love it now

Love this movie wish there were more moivies made for children like this!

Great movie! A childhood favorite of mine! It's even better now that they improved the picture and colors!