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Pampers Diapers

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Best diapers! By far our favorite diapers. We tried them so many different brands but there wasn't anything like pampers. The seem to hold up longer, keep our sons skin clean, and are our all time favorite diapers.

Great Dipaers I have used many different brands but this is by far the best brand for daytime use. My son leaks a lot through other diapers and this has been the best for us!

4 Stars! I've used Pampers religiously with all three of my children. I tried different diaper brands throughout the years and none of them compare. I've compared how easily they do/don't leak through, how they fit my baby, and if he gets a rash/ how bad it is. Every time Pampers has exceeded any other brand's ability. I love them, I just wish they weren't so expensive.

I have tried many different brands of diapers and Pampers are the best for newborn babies!

Mother Of Two My favorite diapers! They fit well, are super absorbent and always to none leaking, especially at night. I would definitely recommend this!!

Love love love ! Pampers is the one and only diaper I use on my son. They are soft good quality, he doesn't pee through and they absorb the pee. I've tried other products and they do not even compare to pampers. Def worth every penny. Also the wipes are amazing I use sensitive ones since my son's skin is so and they are the best wipes out there.

Terrible, the use a deodorant in them that caused the absolute worst diaper rash I have ever seen on my son

My baby My favorite diapers! They fit well, are super absorbent and always can get a coupon for them! Plus Pampers has a loyalty program where you can get items just for buying the diapers! I tried afew other brands of diapers but none compare to Pampers diapers on quality!

Love! Pampers are my all time favorite diapers! I used them with my now 3 year old and will continue on using them with my now 4 week old!

I used another brand with my little girl, but when my boy used i started to notice that they have a odor with the urine something that it never shows with my girl and one of my friends told me that she change to pampers for the same reason, i try them and so far so good, totally used them for my future babies

Pampers I love the way pampers diapers smell, omg!!!! But my two youngest kids were allergic to them.m My oldest son could use them and from the day he was born to the day he was potty trained he used pampers they have great leak protection,very soft,and he could play and move around and the diaper stayed in place

I used these when my daughter was in diapers because it's what they used at the hospital. They don't leak even overnight so I've always been really happy with them

Pampers for the win! When it comes to name brand diapers, Pampers is second to none. No leaks, great fit, and smooth transition. I can say, though, we liked Babies R Us brand better....simply because they had the same perks for much less money. But, they are, obviously, no longer an option. So, if we had another baby, back to Pampers it would be!

Best diapers Love love love pampers! Been using them with both my boys for years!

I have 4 children and absolutely love Pampers. They never leak. I've had problems with another brand where they would constantly leak the gel, I've never had this happen with Pampers. My children have sensitive skin and they haven't had a reaction once. They are a bit pricier then some other brands but they are worth it. You can almost always find a coupon to use.