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  • shanif2 By  shanif2    

    Love this show. It can get a bit....uh..what? at times. but it is awesome!

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  • mysmartypants By  mysmartypants    

    This show has definitely earned all of it's awards. My son and I DVR it every week so we can watch it twice. I absolutely love the families. Phil and his son together are the funniest duo on tv. This is a great show.

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  • HAWK251 By  HAWK251    


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  • ES1237 By  ES1237    

    My husband and I crack up at this show EVERY time!! Love this. Definitely One of our VERY favorites!

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  • Mgiallor By  Mgiallor    

    This show is hilarious! The characters are extreme yet believable and relatable. If you haven't been watching it I would suggest you catch up ASAP!

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  • brandgirl By  brandgirl    

    Started watching this show not too long ago and it's honestly one of the best finds!

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  • kashmir81 By  kashmir81    

    Absolutely hilarious! Great show.

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  • maxcat99 By  maxcat99    

    I love this show! I laugh all the way through...Offensive? No, not a bit. Funny? Oh yeah!

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  • Sotheary By  Sotheary    

    This show is so funny and refreshing.

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  • melissahashairyarmpits By  melissahashairyarmpits    

    am i the only one who finds this show extremely offensive?

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  • grandma2 By  grandma2    

    I agree with most statements above so why be redundant. I just don't like it when they have the members of the family talking to - who?, a camera?, is it a documentary? To me there is no reason for this and it is distracting to the flow of the show.

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  • nednettinc By  nednettinc    

    I love this show!! I really like how there isn't a laughtrack either.

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  • shellytay By  shellytay    

    One of my favorite new shows this season! I hope it stays on.

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  • therills By  therills    

    Modern Family outshines most of this year's new shows. The casting is outstanding, the writing is's a witty, sarcastic, relevant reflection of a modern family. The viewers are privvy to the lives, loves, and tribulations of three branches and three generations of one family. Hilarious!

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