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  • haleigh91 By  haleigh91    

    Complete waste of money. I prefer tampax pearl. The sports leak and I have to change them twice as often as I normally would with the pearls.

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  • isie_14 By  isie_14    

    I didn't like this brand when I first used it they were not comfortable and as absorbent as they could be.

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  • MadameX By  MadameX    

    I love Playtex sport tampons. they are very comfortable and truly move with you. I switched from Tampax Perl because they were uncomfortable and leaked.Playtex sport doesn't leak. I still use a panty liner just in case. I use light and regular depending on my flow.

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  • Abby19 By  Abby19    

    Okay. They seem to leak so much more then the Gentle Glides! I don't understand. And the applicator is a little awkward to insert when put in. They are comfortable to wear and fine to take out though. Just not the best.

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  • chibimunchkin By  chibimunchkin    

    Although I usually use Tampax products (usually pearl or radiant) I had a coupon for these and decided to give them a try. I have to say, I like how the applicator comes to a point or kind of tapers off, making insertion a breeze. However, it seemed to take a while for the tampon to work. I was using the super, since my flow always starts off kind of heavy, but I guess since the tampon "blooms", it allowed some excess blood to slip by. It started working normally after a while, but let's just say I was glad I was wearing a pantyliner. The delayed effect was really my only grievance, and that may have had something to do with my flow being heavier than normal. I would probably buy these again if they were on sale or i had another coupon, but would probably grab some of the super-plus while I'm at it.

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  • CassieSpeaksAlot By  CassieSpeaksAlot    

    I really do like these, especially when they are on sale. Although, they do have their downfalls. If you are already on your period and hadn't used a tampon until like the 2nd day, this tampon will let some excess blood seep through that other tampon wouldn't have. My reasoning is that it blooms instead of the usual tampon that spreads out. I enjoy them if I can get them in before my period is already well into the week.

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  • lizbethrodelo By  lizbethrodelo    

    i personly love playtex! i think it has the best feminie products especially this The playtex Sport it really locks in leakages and full protection make me feel even more secured i love it!

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  • ivywilkes93 By  ivywilkes93    

    Worst tampons I've ever used. I normally use Tampax or U by Kotex but I decided to try these out - bad decision! They do no absorb AT ALL! I find myself changing it way too frequently and even having to change my clothes! Waste of money in my opinion.

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  • determined By  determined    

    If I could give this product 0 stars, I would. I have used Playtex products exclusively for over 20 years. I bought the Playtex Sport brand because it was on sale and I have faith in the brand. However, I am completely disappointed. They don't absorb, and I would require 2x what I normally would. I'm at the point where I am going to throw away two boxes of the 'Sport', just to go back to the regular tampons. Complete WASTE of money.

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  • gghosh50 By  gghosh50    

    I like these. Very comfortable and absorbent.

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  • angie52323 By  angie52323    

    I love these, because my old tampons I would always end up with leakage. The playtex Sport ones, I never have to worry about that, and can go about my day as usual, instead of trying to do that discreet leak check. I use these in regular and super, depending on need. They are comfortable, and absorbent, my new favorite.

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  • sparkle123 By  sparkle123    

    These were comfortable to wear. I've tried the super and didn't have any issues with leakage.

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  • moon12216 By  moon12216    

    there comfortable and easy to use.I have had no leakage problems with these.Applicator makes for a gentle and comfortable insertion.

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  • networker By  networker    

    Playtex Sport Tampons are a good product. They are no different than most of the tampons on the market today. I do not notice anything really special about them.

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  • simplylilys By  simplylilys    

    i have tried many other tampons and non work as well as these. im not in to sports but im on a run daily and when its that time of the month i and stop work. these give me full protection.

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