Bear Naked  Cranberry Raisin Cereal

Bear Naked Cranberry Raisin Cereal

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Although their products are somewhat expensive, the wholesomeness of the ingredients make it seem more justified. Warmed with some oney and it's a good breakfast.

LOVE this product...LOVE all the flavors...I put it in my greek yogurt...oatmeal...Also sprinkled on appled baked in the oven...MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!...and even over ice cream!!!

I like this cereal because it's not like every other granola I've tried. I really like cranberries in my granola & enjoyed the sunflower seeds. Made it kinda sweet & salty! I like it with milk, but even better in yogurt.

I put a little bit of this cereal in my yogurt , it's wonderful !

I mix this with greek yogurt, and a bit of honey for a quick breakfast, it is super yummy

Its Very tasty, love eating it on yogurt!! The cranberries are the best part of it!

Bear Naked is a trustworthy brand with a good product line. I certainly wish they more affordable.

This product is quite expensive and not really impressive at all. I feel like I can purchase one that tastes way better for way less money.

I jsut about like any cereal this one was okay, was not the flavor or taste I was expecting and on a fixed budget, a little expensive for me to continue buying.I love apples and cranberries, so I will find a way to incorpoarate them in my regular cereal.

I was watching foodnetwork when they introduced this product and the newly minted college grads who created this line, however I think the brand is too expensive. I love the Granola in my cereal, but then i do not think i will be buying this.

This was surprisingly good. I've had other products made by them, and they tasted like cardboard! The combination of the fruits and nuts was very nice, plus it stayed crunchy in milk!

I was awesome. Beginning to end. The rice flackes stayed crunchy with I love plus the combination of sweet apples, cranberries, & raisins with the seeds and pepitas were divine. What more can I say but I loved it and will buy it!

Thanks for the review.....Amy?? is it so?

The apple slices were large and soft, hated them! I loved everything about this cereal!!! The flakes stayed crunchy the entire bowl! The sunflower seeds were different, but if you normally like sunflower seeds, then I think you'd like this too! I may buy this cereal every now and then when I'm craving something healthy and different.