Kashi Cereal

Kashi Cereal

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winter1978 This cereal is the best, and I'm very picky about cereals. Now it's the only one in my pantry, it's absolutely delicious. If you haven't tried it yet, go for it. Even my husband loves it.

We all love this cereal. It's a little sweeter than the other Kashi cereals, but SOO good!

Kashi cereal is awesome! I even got my kids to eat it. Which is great for three picky eaters!

I have never consider Kashi for my kids before, seems like to be expensive and for the adults. But, they tried it and they like it a lot. It's a healthy snack for them at schools now.

I tried Kashi Honey Sunshine. It was so good! I wanted more!

I LOVE all Kashi products!!

its delicious =]

I really love the cereal and appreciate the fact that healthy can really taste great!!

Oh man! Kashi's honey sunshine cereal is sooo delicious! I know it's good for me too. It has SEVEN different WHOLE grains. I knew it would be good, but I thought it was GREAT when I tried it!

I received a sample from Kashi and LOVED it. It tastes GREAT and nothing like most healthy cereals. My picky 14 year old also loves it.

High in fiber and still taste great. Keeps me satisfied all morning.

Kashi is great on icecream too, makes it a little healthier as well as crunchy!!! Yummmm!! I have never tried this particular flavor, but since other Kashi is so hearty it lends itself well to being mixed into icecream and left for a little while your eating and it still wont be soggy!

I received a sample of this cereal and after much procrastinating just had to go ahead and try it. I really agree that this is one of the best cereals on the market. It is crunchy and sweet, but without being bad for you. My only problem is that when my kids get a hold of it and start eating it they kind of finish off the box without telling me that I am out of cereal. Ohhh well at least they are eating something healthy.

I loved the product, first time I bought it. Even taste good as a snack.

Very unique taste. I'd eat it again. Has a few too many sugars for me to considerate a healthy cereal.