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  • mommyramblings By  mommyramblings    

    I REALLY love this show! I too saw some similarities to Twilight, however you have to remember just b/c it's a vampire/human relationship, all of those stories are going to be a bit the same....I have also read the series. I can't wait for new episodes in January!

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  • couponchickvee By  couponchickvee    

    I think the show is great especially if you don't go into it comparing it to True Blood or Twilight. This show has its own feel.

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  • Sjbutterfie By  Sjbutterfie    

    This show has been pretty good so far. I know there's some die-hard true blood fans out there, but true-blood just got to sexually graphic and violent for my taste. I like this because it's kind of a toned down twilight. Given I love twilight so vampire show can take that away, but this is the next best thing to me. I enjoy it!

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  • jlincon71 By  jlincon71    

    I tried watching it but after 30mins into it I got bored....i did not like this show at all...twilight all the way!!!

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  • jenndta69 By  jenndta69    

    Actually, Twilight ripped off everyone else. Stephenie Meyer is even being sued by various people for possibly stealing their ideas. Anyway, not a fan of Twilight, as you can see. Loving the Vampire Diaries at home with my daughter. The show is pretty true to the books, from what my daughter tells me. Now that True Blood is on hiatus, I have another show I can sink my teeth into. Just love it!!!

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  • boverturf By  boverturf    

    I read the first two books of the series before the showed aired and wondered if the show was going to be exactly like the books. I am sooo glad that is not the case! The books (the first 2 at least) were not good at all! The plot line was so predictable and the main character Elana was really unlikable. I think the t.v. show is really good! They did a really good job of changing around the characters and have so far done a great job in making the show really addicting! Of course the brothers (Stefan & Damon) add to the appeal because they are total cuties! I don't think this show is like twilight at all, yes there are some elements that may be similar, but the overall characters and plots are completly different! I do hope however, that VD and Twilight will be the only vampire t.v. series/movies because the whole vampire thing is starting to get redundant!

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  • sonal2385 By  sonal2385    

    Good show so far. As I was reading the book I really thought this would make a great show or movie. Can't wait to see what they do for the rest of the season.

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  • bdesarro By  bdesarro    

    I love it. I dont want people to try to compare it to Twilight, because really, nothing will ever compare to Twilight. It is a really good show. I put a series recording on it already! It shows the struggle this vampire(Stefan) has with trying not to hurt people. His estranged brother(Damon) then comes to town, and does start killing people leaving Stefan in danger. It's good.

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  • xxxbocxxx By  xxxbocxxx    

    The preview made me want to watch it. I was into it for a while and then I kinda lost interest. I kept seeing Edward and Bella. I know its not the same story line but I guess thats just me.

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