Boudreaux's  Butt Paste

Boudreaux's Butt Paste

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this is the best diaper creme I have ever used. It seems to work best on my daughter and within a few applications, her rash is gone

I loved this stuff. I got a free sample and it definitely made me want to purchase. It was great. It wasn't harsh or too goopey.

This stuff is awesome. I use it for my son and it helps him heal so fast. I even used it under his little neck when he was a newborn. It was hard to clean under his neck because he didn't like it. The paste helped him from getting raw. It clears up diaper rash so fast. Love it!!

This stuff really works I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first but my mother actually bought it for my daughter stuff is magic!

I've used this stuff on rashes I've gotten by bug bites or allergies. It does work wonders.

You can see the results of this product within hours. I used it on my daughter when she had diaper rash and it immediately went away. I continue to use it prevent the rash from coming back. It really works!

love this stuff. My baby developed a diaper rash at just 3 weeks old. We happen to have a sample of butt paste from a store so we decided to use it. I was so impressed. Overnight my daughters rash was no longer red and was already starting to heal. We continued using the product in within 3 days the diaper rash was completely gone. I can't recommend butt paste enough - it is a miracle worker!

Best diaper rash cream out there- better than desitin. The cream has a weird, and very thick texture, but it works miracles when it comes to rashes. At the first sight of rash, I put the paste on, and by the next diaper change, the rash is already cleared up.

Product is amazing that works on all sorts of ages of children and size is perfect for infants perfect for guess

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. I've used many diaper rash ointments but this was my absolute favorite. The smell is good too. I liked this product so much that I was using it even when my child didn't have a rash. Wonderful product.

Have tried all diaper cream, this is the best by far! My doctor recommend it!

This may be weird, but it smells so good! It is thick and stays on, even after baby pottys! It works fast and gets rid of rash and keeps rash away! I love this stuff!

I personally prefer this over ANY OTHER brand of diaper cream/butt paste products!!!! It seems to instantly help relieve the sting of those yucky diaper rashes that our babies seem to get from time to time. I refer this product to all mommies I know both old and new!! 5 out of 5 in my baby book :)

It worked ok but I'm a Desitin mom and nothing has ever compared to that.

Our doctor recommended this product. I'm not sure if it works any faster than deist in or not bit I know it did work. Desiring works it's just hard to clean up but I think whatever works for you go with it!