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  • akashadawn By  akashadawn    

    I used these 5 years ago with my first child and am using them again with my second. So much easier to clean up and you can squeeze all the air out so there is less air swallowed by baby. and if you are out and about, it is a lot less messy to be able to throw that liner out than having to tote a messy bottle around. And you can rinse the nipple and put a new liner in, no need for a lot of bottles taking up space.

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  • christina_weaver03 By  christina_weaver03    

    Best bottle. My son and daughter both had trouble with air intake and wouldn burp these bottles saved my life. The only down fall was having to buy liners all the time.

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  • hjewe096 By  hjewe096    

    I used these bottles for a month. They were extremely easy to use and clean. I did not like constantly buying the liners and i wasn't sure how accurate the ounce markings were, so i switched brands. Overall, they were a great bottle, though.

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  • ChapstickGypsy By  ChapstickGypsy    

    Very quick and easy to use. No clean up!!! I just don't like having to buy them every 2 weeks.

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  • quimmah By  quimmah    

    tihs product is great for the road easy to use don't give you any problems

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  • LoopyLooop By  LoopyLooop    

    These are good quality, and the system helps reduce gas. The downside is the cost of continually buying the drop-in refills, and you have to buy only specific nipples because most will not fit with this system.

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  • miss0ctober By  miss0ctober    

    I loved the drop-ins when traveling. It was so convient to pour the formula in the wide opening and toss when finished. However, we swiched to the Target brand because of the price.

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  • concon1980 By  concon1980    

    Best. Thing. Ever. I would have been doing endless dishes when my son was born, but this made it so easy! The only thing I wish is that it were more environmentally friendly.

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  • Leahsmom07 By  Leahsmom07    

    OH YEAH! These were a life saver when my DD was born. I just couldn't handle all of the bottle washing constantly and these were so easy to use. My girl did great with them!

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  • lindsey4202006 By  lindsey4202006    

    this product is the best bottle i have ever used! my children have both loved them and i like not having to wash icky bottles! i love being able to just throw the liners away!

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