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  • groovitha By  groovitha    

    I love I love I love this show! Richard Castle is hilarious and the sexual tension between him and Beckett is PERFECT! I can't wait to see the new season! Until then i'm Tivo-ing all the reruns of last season. It's hard to find a show that both my husband and I like to watch together, but this one's it!

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  • stephie101 By  stephie101    

    this show is really great! i love watching it........and it never gets boring!

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  • therills By  therills    

    Nathan Fillion as mystery writer Richard Castle is a treat. After killing off his best known character and experiencing writer's block, Castle joins forces with a reluctant Detective Kate Beckett, and her team, to solve true life murders. Castle's always responsible teen daughter, Alexis, and his intrusive but loving mother, Martha, round out the cast.

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