e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Line

e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Line

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I love this brand. Good stuff for the price, love the makeup brushes!

Elf is one incredible brand, high end products for an affordable price

I really ADORE Elf! It is very cheap for makeup (price) for the quality! However, the multicolored eyeliner's quality isn't very good. They can be very harsh on the eyes. The eye shadows I LOVE! They come in a wide variety of colors, and they cause no irritation to my eyes. The brushes are also of good quality for the price. Overall, this is a GREAT product line of cosmetics, and if you're looking for something at a good price, then I'd recommend this line.

Great product line! All items are reasonably priced, and there is a large variety of beautiful color selections.

I like elf it's cheap and has great color payoff

I love elf! I can seriously go into target and buy a ton of makeup for $40 and feel like I splurged! the quality is amazing. I really love the studio line! each item is $3-6 which is crazy becuase their blushes at $3 have amazing pigmentation and quality. Lets not forget about the $1 lashes! I freakin love those. Their brushes are also amazing!!! all of the studio brushes are such perfection its ridiculous that there priced at $3 its so great for someone who wants to start building their kit and dont have alot of money to spend on makeup. I personally use several of these brushes on my clients for makeup. ooo and p.s. the matte lipsticks from the studio line are crazy amazing too!! wish they had more of a color selection.

Love e.l.f products, they are affordable and work very well. will continue to purchase these products.

I love their products! I have more of thos brand than any other in my makeup collection. Its really cheap too!

I have several elf products, and was surprised with some and disappointed with others. The Elf Stick Foundation was AWFUL. It was too dark and very hart to blend. There foundations are also hard to find light enough for my skin tone. The essentials concealer was alright, but smelled awful and wore off quickly. I did love the studio line blushes. I also have the foundation brush, which I love, as well as the eyelash curler, which works well too. I also love their jumbo lipgloss sticks. I will definitely continue to buy from them.

Good quility and a good prive. Wish I couldd find more of a veritiy because the opions seem so limited.

Absolutely love! The prices are so low it's crazy and for the price you pay they are amazing!! I really love the brush cleaning spray.. It smells amazing. As well as the highlighting face whip :) you don't have to worry about buying the product because you're spending an average of like $3!!!

I love all the blushes and lashes!! great price for this whole line

Great line, specially theyre studio line. I got my friends and coworkers hooked on ELF. Not alot of people know about ELF, but I make sure they find out about it lol

I realize that some people don't really like e.l.f. cosmetics because everything is "so cheap" and "made in China" and whatnot, but honestly, you guys. Cosmetics are not the cheapest things on planet Earth. And some people just don't have the money to buy Clinique everything or Shiseido eyelash curlers or maybe even not CoverGirl products. If you're looking for the most reliable, go-to products from elf, my recommendations are: two-in-one blush/bronzer (does not come with a brush) - the blush is SO similar to Nars Orgasm blush; it's a PERFECT color. OH MY GOD IT'S SO PERFECT. I love it. eyelid primer - the consistency is so similar to the Urban Decay eyelid primer, it's kind of scary. Go get some e.l.f. eyelid primer. It's seriously only a dollar. Don't (DO NOT) get the brushes. They suck. I've heard that the matte lip color is okay, but I've never tried any of it before. I also have their eyeliner (liquid, waterproof). It's not fabulous, but it does the job. Not super impressed with the eyeshadows/lipglosses/mascaras, so don't waste your time. However, overall, e.l.f. is fabulous. It is THE BOMB.

If you're not recommending this to every woman on a budget you're insane. It's so, so good for a low, low price!