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I love etsy. I can find rare items on etsy for a decent price.

I love Etsy! i have purchased several things from Etsy and never had a problem. I love the ease of shopping and you can find just about anything you're looking for that is handmade. Highly recommend this website!

I have a Friend and her Autistic Daughter makes Lovely Beaded Jewelry that she Sells on that site!

this site is so cool! people hand make most of the stuff and sell it online. the people are very nice and will gladly alter anything if you ask them to. the stuff on this website are really cute and very versatile. they sell stuff from wedding items, to clothing, to snacks, to crafts. two thumbs up!

This is a wonderful website and a great place for people to sell handmade items of every kind. I can spend hours looking around at all of the beautiful items. There are so many creative people out there making unique things. I bought a set of fused glass coasters and was able to ask the artist to make a specific set for me, in colors that I wanted. The whole experience was positive and I loved the coaster set.

OMG, I just love this website! EverythiNg is hand made and is so unique. IT'S GREAT!

If you want anything handmade or vintage this is where to look. I love find candles and soaps as well as items for my home.

I love Etsy...I could spend hours just browsing. I love to look at all of the vintage items!

I love Etsy! I've purchased Jewelery from there. And crafts. You can pretty much find out whatever you want! It's a great avenue for crafters, and artists etc to sell and show off their things!

I love this an ebay for craft items! I have never purchased or sold anything here, but I love to look at it and get ideas. My friend has sold things here, that she wouldn't have the opportunity to do so otherwise.

I love, love, love Etsy! I have had a shop on Etsy in the past. Etsy draws a nicer group of people than Ebay too. I feel that people are more willing to purchase something at a set price knowing that it's handmade....there usually isn't the nasty comments or negative feedback...or no communication from Etsy sellers or buyers as well. Ebay customers are just out there to get something for nothing.

I adore this website. I purchase gifts for family and friends from here all the time. I like getting something unique and I find myself spending hours find just the right stuff!

Etsy is the best! I design one of a kind lingerie and sleepwear and Etsy is a perfect platform for selling and shop is called eye candy confections and the look Etsy has is absolutely the most professional of any of the crafting sites on the net! Etsy has a real "neighborhood meeting" kind of feeling... I just joined and have already met some very nice, creative people...if you haven't shopped Etsy, you're missing out on some of the most innovative, creative items from all over the world...go there now! You'll be glad you did:)

I LOVE etsy!!! I have a shop hosted with etsy and it was one of the easiest things to create and maintain as a crafter. It is the best place to find original and inventive gift ideas always made with expert care and love :)

I love it too. I visit it time to time. I like all that beautifull crochet stuff out there