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This is a awesome family movie. It is very adventurous and loving at the same time. It has a little bit of sadness, happiness and comedy in it. Which makes it a great movie for all ages. This movie does not only target children but adults with a big kid inside them. I highly recommend this movie to all viewers. You will not be disapointed. So grab some popcorn, tissues and family. Enjoy a wonderful night with the movie Up. :)

I absolutely loved this movie! My 2 year old Grandson wanted balloons so he could fly!

Beautiful movie. About love, lost, adventure and true friendship. I actually cried watching this movie because of my marriage situation. I always wished I had a love like that, someone i could grow old with and having him by my side when i eventually leave this earth.

It was a great movie to watch with the family and it's funny at the same time it holds a strong message to follow your dream. I personally loved the film

Such a cute movie! Long though. Wish the beginning wasn't so sad. Other than that it really was a pretty good movie.

So great for the family! Great story line, humor, and made us all cry at the end:(

My kids love this movie. Whenever it's ok my kids are so into it! Great family movie!

One of my all time faves. Great to watch as a family, & even brings some tears to the eyes. My siblings & parents loved it.

This was a great family night movie, my boys who rarely agree on what movie we will watch all picked this one. It was sad in the begin, but it's a keeper. My whole family enjoyed it, I have 4 boys 22, 18, 11 and 10 and including my husband and I we would recommend this movie.

I loved this movie. I would watch it again

Great movie!

This movie is great. It has everything you want out of a movie as far as emotions go. One minute it is tearing at your heart strings, the next it is making you laugh like a child again. The amount of times I found myself thinking 'this is so cute' was too high to count. I love this movie as a default to put myself in a good mood.

Cutest movie!

I loved this movie. I thought it was a very heartfelt movie. I laughed and I cried. Their was no dull moments in this awesome movie.

What a great movie! I watched this with my family, we laughed, cried and all loved this movie. It has such a great story that gets you completely involved with the characters. It's a movie that we enjoy watching again and again!